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Tag: customer service hell

Verizon FiOS Outages FTL

Yesterday, I rolled out of bed all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (read: exhausted and just wanting to go back to sleep) and plopped down in front of my Mac to start working, just like every other business day. Except, I couldn’t connect to AIM, my work email address, or my work support tool. Everything else seemed to be working though, which was kind of odd. Called my coworker; he said he wasn’t having any trouble, so it had to be on my end.

So I power-cycled my router.. and then couldn’t get to anything on the interwebs. Ok… pick up the phone and call Verizon. Half an hour later, somebody finally picks up the phone and informs me that they’re having outages and that it’ll be working again by the end of the day, get off my phone. Swell. So I packed up and went to a coffee show to hijack some wifi so I can, you know, do my job.

Over 24 hours later, my internet is still not working. I am not a happy camper, at all. I tried calling again this morning and got a busy signal. a;sldkfjgh.

So I’m at the coffee shop again. You know, being here just isn’t fun when I *have* to be. I want to go home!

The most annoying parts are: 1, there is NO INFORMATION ANYWHERE about what the hell is going on and why they haven’t fixed it yet, and 2, this is the second time in less than a month that my internet has been down for an extended period of time. Last time, they had a maintenance guy working on the hubs out on the street, and he unplugged my connection and plugged it back into the wrong slot. I called within 10 minutes of my internet dropping (and we know about the hub maintenance because my boyfriend saw the guy outside and asked what was going on) and it took them 7 hours to send somebody to fix it. It took him 2 minutes. You know, I’m pretty sure the guy that broke it in the first place was still there when I called, and yet I had no internet for my entire work day.

Verizon.. seriously? I kind of hate you. I expect to be prorated for these internet-less days.

Don’t even get me started on what I think of the cell phone they sold me and the issues I’ve had with my mobile services; then I’ll never stop.

Update: 3:30pm 07/09/09

After spending an hour on the phone troubleshooting stuff, my ticket got escalated and all they figured out was that there was some weird DNS issue going on (which is what Vista’s network diagnostic has been saying all along) and they have no idea why. Somebody will call me “eventually”.

So I cheated and manually set my DNS configurations to “somewhere else” after I got off the phone, and now I have internet. No thanks to Verizon.


Die In A Fire Award 1

a;sldkfjgh I hate people.

Totally just had a guy call, realize I was a girl, and hang up the phone.

I think this is gonna be a new award. People that need to just Die In A Fire. Haha


DMV is going DOWN.

So, as I previously mentioned, I had this fix-it ticket for not telling the CA DMV that I had moved. Ok, easy to fix, right? Yeah. I did the online change of address thing, and then I even got an Oregon drivers license. Easy-peasy. Except now, nobody wants to sign off my ticket. Uhm… yeah. The traffic officer at the police station wouldn’t do it, the Oregon DMV wouldn’t do it (ok so that one made me mad, cause the lady I talked to at the court said that the OR DMV would sign off on it when I got my license. grrrr!)… so Portland is a good 400 miles away from the court I’m supposed to show up at.

So at this point my options appear to be:
1) Take an unpaid day off work, drive to the court for my court date and be like “Yo, I took care of it” and drive back.
2) Send in a check for $150 for my ticket since it hasn’t been signed off.

Option 2 would be cheaper. But ya know, I really don’t want to pay the ticket because I did everything everybody said I was supposed to do.

DMV, CHP, Yreka County… you guys are going DOWN. *grumble*

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The Battle Rages On

LMAO. This Katie vs. T-Mobile thing is becoming an epic saga.

So as we know, my phone is not registering buttons properly and was calling people at 2 in the morning. This may be my fault in reality, but it’s really not…

I went to one of those “authorized t-mobile merchant” stands and showed them how my phone was acting. The lady takes the battery out and goes “… wow. That’s a refurbished phone hon.” and I go “… oh? Cause it’s supposed to be new.” And she goes, “yeah, see that sticker there that says ‘made in Mexico’? None of my phones have that, and they come directly from Blackberry corporate.” “I see.” So she calls up, and my IMEI number isn’t even registered haha. Apparently my phone doesn’t exist. Sweet!

So I come back to work and call t-mobile and tell them how my phone is acting. Then I tell them about the sticker, and how the corner of it is UNDER the sticker with the IMEI and all that stuff on it, and how I was supposed to have gotten a brand new phone.. “Ok, please send the phone to this address, call us back with the tracking number, we’ll credit you the cost of shipping and send you a new one.” “.. that’s it? OK!” *hangs up*

Omission is not lying.

Hopefully my phone doesn’t smell like eggnog chai latte on the inside.


If I Wasn’t Sure Before, I am Now

Oh for the love of god! Just when I thought I was done cleaning up the aftermath of Katie vs. T-Mobile


I just found out that my car insurance got canceled. Why? Well, because they went to cash my check and the bank wouldn’t cash it cause it tried to go through WHILE I HAD A NEGATIVE NINETY DOLLAR BALANCE.


So my car insurance people say that I have to open a new policy because they don’t reinstate accounts that have NSF’s on them. So that means that the TWO YEARS of me being good and making all my payments don’t exist anymore so I get no Katie Is Awesome Discount any more.

God dammit t-mobile. This is way more grief than I’m willing to put up with.

On the bright side this is a good excuse for me to finally get around to finding a new car insurance company. Mine “lost” my payments all the time (… funny how quickly records reappear when I send them copies of cleared checks) and liked to not send me my bills.

BUT STILL. I’ve been driving for a week with no insurance cause they didn’t even tell me they canceled.