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Month: May 2008

Oregon Chili’s Closed With No Warning

BEAVERTON, Ore. – Hundreds of restaurant workers started looking for new jobs Tuesday after national restaurant chain “Chili’s” closed several of its Portland-area restaurants.

At the Beaverton location, the parking lot sat empty Tuesday except for former employees showing up for work and discovering they were out of a job.

A sign on the front door said the restaurant was “closed for repairs,” but that is not true, according to managers and the corporate office.

The Hillsboro location also closed; The Lake Oswego and Wilsonville restaurants may be shut down after Tuesday night.

Workers were stunned.

“I was on the schedule for this morning, and I walked up and (the manager) was here and said, ‘Nope, they’re closed,’ ” said Jimbo Purcell, a cook.

The Clackamas and Eugene locations will stay open and be run by the corporate office.

A manager predicted the closings will cost 300 Oregonians their jobs.


I was a big fan of the enchilada soup and the boneless buffalo chicken salad. The Beaverton location is was in the same parking lot as where I used to work, pretty much up the street from my house.  But man, what a terrible way to find out that you’re out of a job… that’s very sad. Terrible business practice.


They Call Me Katie, the Mac Killer

So, Apple put out the 10.5.3 update for OS X yesterday. I’m a little apprehensive about installing it. Why? Well, because I seem to be Katie, The Mac Killer, that’s why.

Let me tell you about my Mac’s. I only use them here at work, cause nobody has bought me a macbook yet.

So on my first day, in my defense, the first one I had just never turned on. I don’t think I can be held responsible for that one haha. So then they gave me a new one. That one worked fine and dandy for a couple of weeks until I realized it didn’t have the .2 update. So, I installed it and restarted the computer like a normal person would do, and when it came up… it flashed the Finder icon with a question mark on it for 20 minutes until my IT guy came. Then he looked at it and was like, “WTF did you do to this thing!?” as he carted it off and brought me a new one. That one lasted for a few weeks… then it started powering off for no good reason. Like.. I’d be using it and it would just pfffffft die. That got really annoying, really fast. So Larry brought me a spare that had a dying fan and promised to replace it. Well, after about a week and a half of listening to this stupid fan, I was going crazy. Then! One of the guys in my cubicle quit and left his shiny G5 behind (because, you know, it wasn’t really his). So, I smiled very sweetly and was like, “…. Larry can I have the G5?” (and it was totally a joke cause I didn’t think it would actually work!) and Larry was like “Yeah sure, why not!” “…..really? Sweet!”

So I’m on what is technically my 5th Mac in under 3 months.

We’re taking on office pool on whether or not I kill the G5 installing this latest update. I think I’ll wait until the end of the day to do it.

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I have seen the light and I am never going back.

Let’s briefly talk about what they both are. I’m sure you have an idea but I’m gonna throw it out there anyway. The RAW format is not really standardized, but in a nutshell, it’s minimally processed data from an image sensor, such as the one in a camera. It’s something like a digital photo negative… it contains the information needed to make an image. Then there’s a JPEG, which is more like the final printed picture. It’s an image that you can look at. A final product, persay.

Many cameras (well, maybe not the point-and-shoots so much, but most of the digital SLRs) give you the option to shoot in JPEG, RAW, or both in some cases. I admit, I shot in JPEG for a long time. But for people that edit their photos (much like how film photographers used different methods when developing their film for different effects), RAW is the way to go. Allow me to show you some visual examples.

Here’s a flower photo I took today.

click for larger

It’s a decent picture, but a little boring and the colors don’t look nearly as vibrant or natural as they actually are. So, I spruced up the RAW file a bit.

click for larger

Now that’s better. Yay better! But, just for curiosity’s sake.. let’s see what happens if I apply the same exact changes to a JPEG version of the original image that I applied to the RAW version of it.

click for larger

Yes. Not so good, right? That’s because RAW files store more information than a JPEG. The RAW file doesn’t have a set white balance, and it hasn’t had saturation or contrast levels forced on it, or anything like that, so it can be changed in ways that a JPEG can’t, because the JPEG only kept the information that was visible at the time, instead of the information that could have been used to make adjustments. RAW is also 16 bit data as opposed to 8 bit, so it has 65,536 levels to work with instead of just 256 like the JPEG. It’s a little hard to explain what the difference is between the information.. but basically, there are not nearly as many things set in stone in a RAW file, so you have more control over the editing.

Another good example is in how you can edit the exposure. Today when I was out shooting, I had forgotten to adjust the manual settings on my camera when I went outside after shooting inside. This, of course, led to a painfully over exposed picture. Had I only been shooting in JPEG, the image would have been ruined forever, because you just can’t turn a white blur into something that makes sense. The RAW image however, stored more information about what the image looked like before it crossed the line to overexposed. So I was able to pop the image into Lightroom and turn the exposure down to rescue it. Allow me to show you what happened when I took the overexposed image and edited the RAW, and the JPEG versions of it.


click for larger

So as you can see, there are many benefits to shooting in RAW. The only downside is that they take longer to write, and they are large files. They also require special software to read them. Lightroom is a great program for it. If you don’t do any post-processing on your photos, then it won’t be worth it to shoot in RAW. But if you do… try it out. I think you’ll like the amount of control you get with a RAW file over the JPEG.


The Health Updates

Ok, thanks for the good vibes that were sent my grandma’s way! I got an update, her surgery took longer than they had anticipated because she had a bad reaction to the initial meds, then the procedure wound up being a little more difficult than they expected. But! She’s fine She was complaining about how difficult it is to eat a turkey sandwich when you’re not allowed to sit up haha. I love my grammy ♥

Also, anybody that was following my Twitter yesterday saw a bunch of tweets about Xoie. She’s much better today. The vet thinks she ate something that upset her stomach or that she’s got a little bug. They gave her lots of fluids because she was dehydrated from throwing up so much. She stopped doing that at about noon yesterday which is good. She’s on some meds and a special diet for the next few days then everything will go back to normal.

And me.. I’m pretty healthy thus far *knock on wood*


Good Vibes Please

My grandmother, who is the most important person in the world to me, is having surgery this morning. It’s a very specialized and fairly invasive heart surgery… if everybody could send some good vibes towards San Jose (she had to go all the way there from L.A. so that a specialist could do the procedure), I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys ♥

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