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Month: June 2007

Electronic Goodness

So Frankie Duex and I went to the Apple Store and talked to the guy at the Genius Bar. Dude looked at my iPod and raised an eyebrow. Then he said that if I bought the $40 AppleCare extended warrenty thing, he’d give me a replacement. Falling is still not covered by warranty but I think he felt bad cause I only had it for 2 months. So, I got a new iPod for $40. Not too shabby! :D

Bob 2.0 has shipped! Oh, did I fail to say? I ordered a new computer because mine is dying, and I would probably wither up and die without my Bob. I almost feel like a sellout because I bought a pre-made computer for the first time in my life but… well… sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I don’t have time to piece together a whole one by myself.

What else… uhhhm. Well, my camera is awesome. Yay camera! My new Blackberry hasn’t broken yet, yay phone! I think that’s about it.

And in the un-electronic side of things, my truck is running somewhat better, I got to see my cousin and her new baby, my tragus is starting to heal better now that I started having the piercer clean it once a day, Tom and I got back together, Silverchair is coming to town (I haven’t bought tickets yet but I will soon!) and work is driving me nuts. That is all.


RIP Frankie Duex

So, Frankie Duex fell out of my purse for a whole 3 foot drop. This is the first time Frankie Duex has ever fallen. (… Frankie Duex is my pink iPod nano for those who don’t know) And uhm, Frankie has a scar on her screen now and she no longer works. Uhm. Yeah. You know, when I pay $250 for something, I expect it to survive more than one small drop. I’m not very tall, it wasn’t like it was a huge drop!!

So yeah, I took it to the store I bought it from and they didn’t want to help me. iPod’s falling are not covered by my renter’s insurance. So. To make myself feel better (because I refuse to buy another iPod at this point), I went and bought a digital camera. Yeah, I know, I already have the big pretty digital SLR but I really miss the days of taking millions of stupid useless pictures because I had a camera small enough to throw in my purse that can live up to the abuse. So, I bought a Nikon Coolpix L11. I love Nikon. I had my old one for like, 3 years before it died. And boy, did I abuse that camera. I also bought 15 minute rechargeable batteries and flip flops. Yay for retail therapy!

So yeah. I’m going to take Frankie Duex to a real Apple store because I refuse to give up that easy (after all, I’ve only had the damn thing for like, 2 months) but yay camera!


No More Haircuts, Ever.

I'm sideways!
Once again, haircut = bad. The bangs need about a third of an inch to be decent and my hair needs at least 4 inches before I’m happy. I’ve gotten mixed reviews. The ladies at work liked it. Daniel wasn’t sure about the bangs. Mike likes it. Tom’s reaction was, “oh god damn it, you cut your hair!” (not to say he doesn’t like it like this, but he *really* liked it before). Yeah, I know. It’s just hair, it grows back. I’m just going to chalk it up to being “The Summer ‘Do” and swear off cutting my hair for the rest of the year and it will be fabulous again in time for New Years or something.


Doug Stanhope Gave Me a Shot

Last night I went with Mike and Spencer and Other People to see Doug Stanhope at Dante’s (they make yummy chicken strips for the record). So yes, this Doug character was hilarious. HILARIOUS I tell you, and totally inappropriate in the best way possible. He handed me a drink from on stage, simply because I am awesome *nods* It was good times.

I also went to the museum and saw the Rembrandt exibit, which was very cool. And also the modern art section, which got many giggles out of the three of us. “It belongs in a coffee shop, not an art gallery!”

That is all.


DMV is going DOWN.

So, as I previously mentioned, I had this fix-it ticket for not telling the CA DMV that I had moved. Ok, easy to fix, right? Yeah. I did the online change of address thing, and then I even got an Oregon drivers license. Easy-peasy. Except now, nobody wants to sign off my ticket. Uhm… yeah. The traffic officer at the police station wouldn’t do it, the Oregon DMV wouldn’t do it (ok so that one made me mad, cause the lady I talked to at the court said that the OR DMV would sign off on it when I got my license. grrrr!)… so Portland is a good 400 miles away from the court I’m supposed to show up at.

So at this point my options appear to be:
1) Take an unpaid day off work, drive to the court for my court date and be like “Yo, I took care of it” and drive back.
2) Send in a check for $150 for my ticket since it hasn’t been signed off.

Option 2 would be cheaper. But ya know, I really don’t want to pay the ticket because I did everything everybody said I was supposed to do.

DMV, CHP, Yreka County… you guys are going DOWN. *grumble*

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