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Tag: customer service hell

Why I Might Not Re-Sign My Contract

OMG I AM SO ANNOYED (yes, just one nnoyed.)

So I’d been trying for ages to have my auto-payment turned off. I filled out little papers and sent them in multiple times. Yeah, I could have called but it wasn’t a HUGE deal at the time. So this month, it STILL wasn’t turned off, and t-mobile over-drafted my account because they took the money out before I had a chance to pay them with Jeff’s credit card.

So I called and complained, naturally. I was told that they couldn’t just cancel the charge (… I have a very very VERY hard time believing that) and that I should call the bank. However they said that they would pay my overdraft fees if the bank couldn’t help. That was Sunday night.

So Tuesday morning I call the bank first thing (because they were closed Monday, even though I had to work, double-yew tee eff? silly bank) and first they made me wait until yesterday to talk to me because it was still a pending charge. THEN yesterday they said that they could technically let me file an unauthorized charge report, but that I should try to work with t-mobile again because my report would get snagged a million times because I really AM doing business with t-mobile and it would take forever.

So I called t-mobile back yesterday and was again told that they can’t just refund my money and let me put it on a different card but to call again as soon as my overdraft charges hit my account. I of course am less than thrilled that my account is over-drafting because then the bank thinks I suck, but what can I do, right?

Looking over my account last night, I realized that if I can convince my mom to transfer $15 into my account (because the account transfers clear really fast) then with the money in savings, my account wouldn’t overdraft at all with my overdraft-protection. Not over-drafting is obviously the best course of action. Cool right?

Well, this morning I get up and I have a balance of -$90. NEGATIVE NINETY. Welcome to another WTF?!?! moment. Turns out that overdraft protection only applies if you have $50.01 or more in savings. Guess how much I had in there. $48.97 (.. yeah I know I’m broke, shut up). I was like, “ARE YOU FRICKEN KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!??!” If I had known that I would have moved the damn $48 manually of course. But I figured it was an automatic thing no matter what as long as it left me with at least 1 cent in savings (cause they legally can’t overdraft a savings account). I was wrong.

So all my pending things went through and I had $57 in fees already applied and I still have another fee coming out tomorrow.

……. lovely. The bank offers to cancel 2 of the 3 overdraft fees that are already posted, which was cool. I love my bank ♥

So then I call t-mobile.

After leaving me on hold for like, 15 minutes, THE GUY TELLS ME THAT THEY ARE NOT GOING TO PAY MY FEES. At this point, I’m seriously about ready to, in the words of Daniel, “cut a bitch”. Or go on a murderous rampage. So I take a very deep breath so that I don’t scream at the guy (which I would have loved to do, but I’m at work and people around me were on the phone) and go, “… this is unacceptable. It is not MY fault you guys cannot get your shit together and cancel my auto-debit the first two times I request it. I was told by 3 different people that my fees would be covered because this was YOUR error. If my fees are NOT covered, I can guarantee that next month, I will not be re-signing my contract, and I will also be telling every single person that I know about how poorly I am being treated after being a good customer for so long. Can I please speak to a supervisor?”

So I got put on hold for another 10 minutes, then the guy comes back and says, “Ok I spoke to the supervisor you had spoken to the first time and he said that even though it’s completely against policy, we are going to credit you the $57 to your account.”

*sunshine and butterflies* “Thank you so much Adam!” *puke*

So at the end of the day, they are covering my fees, but GOD it was a pain in the neck. And I still have a negative balance on my bank account because they “can’t give me a refund to my bank account”.

I don’t think I’m signing again. I haven’t decided yet.