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The Battle Rages On

LMAO. This Katie vs. T-Mobile thing is becoming an epic saga.

So as we know, my phone is not registering buttons properly and was calling people at 2 in the morning. This may be my fault in reality, but it’s really not…

I went to one of those “authorized t-mobile merchant” stands and showed them how my phone was acting. The lady takes the battery out and goes “… wow. That’s a refurbished phone hon.” and I go “… oh? Cause it’s supposed to be new.” And she goes, “yeah, see that sticker there that says ‘made in Mexico’? None of my phones have that, and they come directly from Blackberry corporate.” “I see.” So she calls up, and my IMEI number isn’t even registered haha. Apparently my phone doesn’t exist. Sweet!

So I come back to work and call t-mobile and tell them how my phone is acting. Then I tell them about the sticker, and how the corner of it is UNDER the sticker with the IMEI and all that stuff on it, and how I was supposed to have gotten a brand new phone.. “Ok, please send the phone to this address, call us back with the tracking number, we’ll credit you the cost of shipping and send you a new one.” “.. that’s it? OK!” *hangs up*

Omission is not lying.

Hopefully my phone doesn’t smell like eggnog chai latte on the inside.


  1. Mr. Fabulous
    Mr. Fabulous Nov 3, 2006

    So you’re the one who kept calling me…

  2. Layne
    Layne Nov 3, 2006

    lmao!!  Missed you at work, but at least I got the scoup on your phone.  :p

  3. Katili
    Katili Nov 3, 2006

    Mr Fab, if I had your number, I’d probably drunk dial you at 2 am on a regular basis haha :p

    Layne, I overslept cause my dead phone had no alarm haha. I went you your desk to give you licorice and you weren’t there!

  4. John
    John Nov 6, 2006

    Wait wait wait, run that by me again… eggnog chai latte?

    …eggnog? Whyyyy?! Ew yuck.

    Har, have fun etc. :angel:

  5. Katili
    Katili Nov 6, 2006

    I like eggnog!

  6. soniaiskewl
    soniaiskewl Nov 6, 2006

    man. WHAT IS up WITH T-MOBILE!?

  7. Dawn (webmiztris)
    Dawn (webmiztris) Nov 7, 2006

    thank GOD I’m not signed up with T-Mobile….this is unreal!

  8. Katie's Momma
    Katie's Momma Nov 8, 2006

    OMG Layne is here!!!!  shhhh…


  9. Katili
    Katili Nov 8, 2006

    I know, all the people that I gave KSF stickers to forever ago are finally coming to my site haha.

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