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If I Wasn’t Sure Before, I am Now

Oh for the love of god! Just when I thought I was done cleaning up the aftermath of Katie vs. T-Mobile


I just found out that my car insurance got canceled. Why? Well, because they went to cash my check and the bank wouldn’t cash it cause it tried to go through WHILE I HAD A NEGATIVE NINETY DOLLAR BALANCE.


So my car insurance people say that I have to open a new policy because they don’t reinstate accounts that have NSF’s on them. So that means that the TWO YEARS of me being good and making all my payments don’t exist anymore so I get no Katie Is Awesome Discount any more.

God dammit t-mobile. This is way more grief than I’m willing to put up with.

On the bright side this is a good excuse for me to finally get around to finding a new car insurance company. Mine “lost” my payments all the time (… funny how quickly records reappear when I send them copies of cleared checks) and liked to not send me my bills.

BUT STILL. I’ve been driving for a week with no insurance cause they didn’t even tell me they canceled.


  1. Dawn (webmiztris)
    Dawn (webmiztris) Oct 17, 2006

    that sucks!  i mean, the forgetting to send you bills part isn’t so bad, but the rest SUCKS!

  2. Jules
    Jules Oct 17, 2006

    Poor Katie. You’re just not having a good week :(

  3. Mr. Fabulous
    Mr. Fabulous Oct 17, 2006

    Well that’s not good.  I know you are a very poor driver :)

  4. Katili
    Katili Oct 17, 2006

    Actually, as far as my insurance is concerned, I’m a damn good driver :D

    As far as the rest of the world is concerned.. I’ve just never hit anything that I’ve had to report ;)

    AND I’ve never been pulled over.

    *knock on wood*

    Mr Fab, you are so mean to me :devil:

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