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About the Girl

Katie Wagner, the girl behind the blog.My name is Katie, and I’m the girl behind the blog.

I’m a baffled 30 year old who refuses to grow up. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and escaped moved to Portland, Oregon in 2007. In 2014, I moved further north to Everett, Washington. I wear a size 7.5 shoe. I have tattoos and piercings in obvious places, and sometimes dye my hair funny colors. I’m very stubborn and somewhat opinionated, though sometimes I’m quiet about it. My favorite movies are Heathers, Meet the Robinsons, pretty much all the new Marvel movies, and various modern-criminal movies.

I play a lot of video games and like to take pictures. I sometimes read comic books. If my house was on fire, I’d grab my baby. Somehow I hope my Jhonen Vasquez books, my computer, my sewing machine and my cameras would be able to be rescued as well, but I’d let everything else burn, as I hope my husband and dog would walk themselves out. I sold my soul to Apple a long time ago and only look back for gaming sometimes. I have a very short attention span and multi-task well, though I will sometimes obsess over something, and pour all my energy into it. I don’t sleep very well and I hate talking about myself, but will probably randomly update this page.

I’ve been online in some form since 1998 and sometimes reminisce about “the good old days”, until I remember what they were really like, and then I cringe and try to forget them again. Yes, I admit it, I used iframes and image maps for layouts and thought they were cool. Don’t judge me!