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Month: October 2006

Yay Halloween!

1: My pointy ears pwn.

Halloween - Ear

2: I was actually supposed to be a very light blue, but the store only had Blue Man Group Blue.

Halloween - Full

3: The tip of my nose isn’t blended right cause people kept poking it.

Halloween - Face


Weekend Summary!

La la la. T’was a good weekend. Friday night spent too much money and made a tutu but I believe I already mentioned that.

Saturday I went and got my hair cut and then came home and Jeff helped me dye it. Then I took too long doing my makeup and didn’t have time to do my nails before Jason came to pick me up.


Then we went to Citywalk.. there was me, my mom, her boyfriend, our friend from Australia (Marianne), a friend from Colorado (Steph), a guy from Woodland Hills (Skitz/Scott), and Jason. We’re a group of old Everquest players hehe. We get together once a year. Anyway we went to Citywalk like I said and had dinner at Saddleback Ranch. Our drinks were HUGE, holy crap. My mai tai was yummy. So we ordered way more food than any of us could possibly eat and passed drinks around and had a really good time.

We laughed at Skitz for being a retard (dur dur duur!) and deciding Citywalk was a good place to go the weekend before halloween, because you know, Universal Studios had a HUGE thing going on and there was no parking. Anyway after dinner we rode the mechanical bull! I fell off. Then the guy made me do it again. Today my thighs hurt. I’m a wuss. After that me and Skitz made total retards of ourselves playing DDR because we were too drunk to see the arrows. It was fun. And we got carded by the curfew police. “Are you 18?” “I AM 21 YEARS OLD THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!1” Sheesh.

Today I had to go to a memorial. It was a very lovely service. It was for my aunt boyfriend who just passed away. I hardly knew him, but he had to have been a good guy if my aunt loved him. I know he was very generous and caring. They threw my 19th birthday party and he did way more than I would have ever expected anybody I had never met before that day to do. Rest in Peace Rick ♥


Queen of Last Minute Preps

So yesterday at lunch I went to the makeup store with Tom to pick up stuff for our costumes. We got a bunch of stuff for him and crew (.. they’re going to be Dead Amish School Girls.. wrong on so many levels, but it’s gonna be great) and ears/nose for me.

Then after work I spent WAY too much money on makeup, tulle, and other stuff for said costume.

OMG. It was the funniest thing at Joann’s Fabrics.. so I walk up to the cutting station with an armful of tulle and a pattern for 3 year olds and said “Ok, this says that if you’re 4 years old, you need 2 1/2 yards each of the tulle. Well.. I seem to be 21, I need enough tulle to make this skirt for me. And she looks at the pattern and looks at me and goes, “.. what are you expecting, a miracle?” And I go “… *GASP* Are you saying I’m FAT?!” (… ok anybody that has ever seen me knows that I am anything but fat) and the lady turns so red her nose turns white and goes “No no no no!!  I um.. you’re a lot taller? than a 4 year old!” Nice save lady. I don’t think she realized that most people would have had a hard time keeping a straight face during all that. It was awesome. I mean, it’s one thing for that situation to happen with a person who really IS fat, but from a skinny person? Man she was confused and embarrassed!

Anyway my skirt DID work, albeit we didn’t read the directions so we did it the hard way, then accidentally caught one of the pieces while we were sewing so I have a big puff to the left of my butt. Ah well.

Today I went and got a hair cut and when Jeff wakes up he’s gonna help me dye it. I’m not allowed to spend any more money for a month, omg.

Gas is back on at the house.

And speaking of sleep, I need a nap.

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Friday’s Feast – 117 – Week 12

Just cause it’s FFAF doesn’t mean I forgot the usual Friday meme

Appetizer: Create a new candle scent.
Ice Cold Pepsi

Soup: Name one way you show affection to others.
I like to bop people (and my puppy) on the nose

Salad: What is your favorite writing instrument?
Fine pointed RSVP pens.

Main Course: If you were given $25 to spend anywhere online, from which site would you buy?
Amazon. Or maybe e-bay.

Dessert: Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what are you going to be?
I’m gonna be a fairy, but not the cliché kind.. you’ll see

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4. Melli

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So I fought the trend for a very long time. Logic puzzles make me feel stupid. (… Fab, don’t say it). But it was a free download for my phone and I couldn’t resist.

I solved the first one in 19 minutes :D

Then it all went downhill from there.

Dear Logic, YOU SUCK.

How’s your luck with the puzzle?

Don’t forget that tomorrow is FFAF! I’d love if everybody made a post. If you’re not already registered, please do so, and before I go to bed tonight I will post instructions for how to make a guest post :D It’s really easy, I promise.