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Category: I Hate Life

I Hate Being Sick!

Being sick is lame. I think I am dying. My snot is yellow. My head is so stuffy that my EARS hurt. My face is leaky. I have a fever. My head hurts. My body hurts. I can’t breathe. I am sad.

This thing is going around the whole call center. We all sound terrible. We are miserable. Poor us.

Isn’t it summer?! Isn’t there some law against being sick in June?! If there’s not, there should be.

How is everybody else feeling?


Die In A Fire Award 1

a;sldkfjgh I hate people.

Totally just had a guy call, realize I was a girl, and hang up the phone.

I think this is gonna be a new award. People that need to just Die In A Fire. Haha


Cell Phones and Driving

OH.MY.GOD. I am so tired of almost getting killed by people who are on their cell phones and not paying attention to what they’re doing.

Last night, some dude in an ugly beat up red Ford pickup was in front of me, chatting away on his cell phone. So, annoyance one: when the light turned green he didn’t notice until I politely honked at him. No real problem there, just a “rawr, move” feeling. So then he turns and I get in the lane next to him cause I don’t want to drive behind him too long. So we’re driving along, him in the left lane, me in the right lane… THEN HE TRIED TO CHANGE LANES, RIGHT ON TOP OF ME. Yes, that’s right folks, he was too busy talking to turn his head to the right to make sure that there’s nobody there. So, I hit the brakes and lay on the horn, and the bugger STILL doesn’t turn around. Nothing. No flinch, no “I’m sorry I almost smushed you” wave, he just keeps on changing lanes like nothing happened. GRRR.

A couple weeks ago I almost got hit by a lady who ran a red light while she was chatting on her phone. Yeah. I mean, not only was her light red, but there were cars in the intersection!! How retarded do you have to be to not notice that?! Srsly.

Ok, so I do admit to occasionally gabbing on my phone while I’m driving… but when I do that, I pay MORE attention than normal to my driving. I’ve never run a red light or stop sign because I was on the phone. I’ve never tried to change lanes on top of somebody already there. I don’t cut people off or try to smush myself in small places.

So, my beef isn’t really with people talking and driving… my beef is with people who DON’T PAY ATTENTION to what they are doing because they are on the phone. Though sometimes I wonder.. maybe these people are always terrible drivers. Who knows. All I know is that one day, the people like me who are actually able to talk on their phone while driving without being a hazard to other people will not be able to talk on the phone anymore. Damn the stupid people that ruined it for the rest of us!!

*rabble rabble*

So, tell me about the times people have tried to run you off the road, or stories about why you hate other drivers…


I Hate Being Sick

Of course I’d be sick when Tom is not here to take care of me :( Blargh.

I was sneezy and sniffly and congested all week and I thought it was my allergies acting up. But then they weren’t getting any better and this morning when I got up (after sleeping for 10 hours) I was still tired and my whole body hurt and I couldn’t breath and I had so much pressure in my head I thought I was going to pop.

So I sat in urgent care for a few hours and finally the doctor was like, “you have a sinus infection! have some antibiotics and get plenty of rest” so I went and got my medicine and now I am going to lay in bed, and it’s gonna suck getting up to get my own orange juice and food and stuff. And there was no shoulder for me to lay my head on in the waiting room.

I miss my Tom :( And not just cause I’m sick I missed him before that too.