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Category: I Hate Life

RIP, MyTouch 4G.

I woke up late for work today, which doesn’t happen often. I woke up to the sound of my dog barking at the window instead of my standard alarm, because for some reason my phone was off. That was really odd, because it had been on an hour earlier when I woke up before the alarm was set to go off. So I tried to turn my phone back on and got no response.

Like any good techie, I removed the battery for a few minutes and put it back in. Huzzah, the phone turned back on! But, 20 minutes later when I went to check something on it, it was off again. Rinse and repeat about 4 times (once in the middle of trying to factory reset it), and I found myself at T-Mobile being all like, “WTF mates”.

They were able to successfully reset the phone, and it stayed on for a whole hour, yay! But then it started doing the same thing again, booo. Took it back, got a new battery, didn’t even make it out of the parking lot before the phone shut off.

So now I’m waiting for a replacement. Chances are it’ll be a refurbished phone, which sucks cause mine is still pretty new. But if it works, whatever. The problem is that the new phone probably won’t be here until Thursday at best, possibly Friday, but with my luck, more likely not until Monday. Until then, I don’t really have a phone.

Karmimi… we need to have words. They start with, “I hate you so much” and end with “die in a fire”.


Verizon FiOS Outages FTL

Yesterday, I rolled out of bed all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (read: exhausted and just wanting to go back to sleep) and plopped down in front of my Mac to start working, just like every other business day. Except, I couldn’t connect to AIM, my work email address, or my work support tool. Everything else seemed to be working though, which was kind of odd. Called my coworker; he said he wasn’t having any trouble, so it had to be on my end.

So I power-cycled my router.. and then couldn’t get to anything on the interwebs. Ok… pick up the phone and call Verizon. Half an hour later, somebody finally picks up the phone and informs me that they’re having outages and that it’ll be working again by the end of the day, get off my phone. Swell. So I packed up and went to a coffee show to hijack some wifi so I can, you know, do my job.

Over 24 hours later, my internet is still not working. I am not a happy camper, at all. I tried calling again this morning and got a busy signal. a;sldkfjgh.

So I’m at the coffee shop again. You know, being here just isn’t fun when I *have* to be. I want to go home!

The most annoying parts are: 1, there is NO INFORMATION ANYWHERE about what the hell is going on and why they haven’t fixed it yet, and 2, this is the second time in less than a month that my internet has been down for an extended period of time. Last time, they had a maintenance guy working on the hubs out on the street, and he unplugged my connection and plugged it back into the wrong slot. I called within 10 minutes of my internet dropping (and we know about the hub maintenance because my boyfriend saw the guy outside and asked what was going on) and it took them 7 hours to send somebody to fix it. It took him 2 minutes. You know, I’m pretty sure the guy that broke it in the first place was still there when I called, and yet I had no internet for my entire work day.

Verizon.. seriously? I kind of hate you. I expect to be prorated for these internet-less days.

Don’t even get me started on what I think of the cell phone they sold me and the issues I’ve had with my mobile services; then I’ll never stop.

Update: 3:30pm 07/09/09

After spending an hour on the phone troubleshooting stuff, my ticket got escalated and all they figured out was that there was some weird DNS issue going on (which is what Vista’s network diagnostic has been saying all along) and they have no idea why. Somebody will call me “eventually”.

So I cheated and manually set my DNS configurations to “somewhere else” after I got off the phone, and now I have internet. No thanks to Verizon.


Car Accidents Suck

So those of you that keep up with my Twitter may have already picked up that I was in a small car accident late last week. It was between my boyfriends small car and a pickup. It was low speed, but I still got bounced in my seat, and am kind of miserable on and off. My back aches if I sit still too long and my legs hurt if I stand up too long. I’m in good condition though. My boyfriends car though… not so much. He’s gotta get a new one. He’s been spending a lot of time looking at the Honda Fit, which I think is hideous but, well, it’s not my car so… /shrug.

His insurance agency has been really good though. I’ve had to talk to them a few times, and they’re covering my trip to the doctor to make sure that it’s just “normal” aches and pains (it is) and also my trips to the chiropractor, which is awesome. They put my boyfriend in a nice rental car, too.

So, I can now add “been in car accident” in my list of Things I’ve Done Before Dying :p


Los Angeles, I Hate Thee!

So on Wednesday the 17th, I got on an airplane to Los Angeles for a trip to visit my family.

I got in late Wednesday and then went to sleep. Thursday I did stuff that I have already forgotten about, mostly. I did stuff during the day then went out to dinner with a friend and my mom and my brother at Gardens of Taxco (yum. mega yum!) After dinner I went to my friend Alex’s house and had way more booze than I needed to with him and the kid I went to homecoming with my freshman year of high school and one of their other friends, then we decided to play Rock Band at 3 in the morning. It was great fun until I had to wake up on Friday and was all hung over.

So Friday I did lunch with my old work peeps (but could not eat cause I was hung over) and hung out with them for a while, then took a nap, then went to dinner with Hilary and Sonia Thom and Amber, which was great fun.

Saturday I… did…. stuff? Oh yeah, my family was over for the Christmas shindig and almost all of the family showed up. It was awesome. I love my family :D Then I found a yarn store and made a pair of fingerless mittens.

So, here’s the great part. Sunday I got all packed up and ready to go home and got a notice that said my flight was canceled. I was less than thrilled, sigh. So I went to the airport to find out when I could go home (cause nobody was answering the phones) and they couldn’t get me on a flight for 4 days. So my trip got doubles.

I’ve been just chilling around town with some people and killing time cause I’m stranded in LA. Supposedly I am supposed to be able to go home tomorrow.. I have to be at LAX at 5 in the morning, which sucks. I hate LAX. Burbank airport is WAAAAAY better. But if my flight actually gets out, I get to fly first class :D For no extra charge (besides being trapped in LA for an extra 3 and a half days and losing wages cause I don’t have that much vacation time [no worries, my uncle has my back on the lost wages]) even! Yay first class.

So cross your fingers that my flight gets out tomorrow. I love my family but I’ve had enough of Los Angeles and I want to go home now.


It’s Snowing. This Is The Best Thing That’s Happened In Days…

I don’t even really like snow. I’ve just had a bad couple of days.

I had Friday off, which one would think would be a good day… not so much.

I started the day by having a dream that I was at my Grandma’s house and we were having the family Christmas party, and nobody showed up. My first thought upon waking up was “…well that sucks. My family is supposed to love me and want to see me damn it!” It only went downhill from there.

I went to Home Depot to pick up a light bulb for my light fixture (I have the Fuga light from IKEA) and the stupid things are $7 each. I bought two so I could replace the dead one and have a spare for next time one dies. After that I went back home to play with Xoie but she wasn’t interested in me and only wanted to chew on her bone. Whatever dog.

I worked a little bit on a project I’m doing, then decided that I needed some shots of Downtown.. so I took a shower, put my dog in her room, and walked to the MAX stop. It started raining 2 minutes after I left my house and was pouring by the time I got off the train in Portland. So I couldn’t pull my camera out.. walked down to Eat Pizza and had some food and killed some time because Pod wasn’t gonna be off work for a little bit. Hopped on the MAX and headed over there, then couldn’t remember what floor he worked on.

Tried calling but he didn’t answer so I started wandering around the building. It’s fairly small and has lots of locked doors, so I didn’t get lost per say… but I did manage to find the only door to the stairwell that opens on my first try, only to find that the doors from that side are locked. I started panicking and each door I tried that was locked made the stairwell feel smaller. It really, really sucked. Sent a text to Pod telling him I was gonna die in the staircase then finally located an unlocked exit. It was scary :(

So then when it was time for us to leave, we got on the MAX, and then there was an announcement saying they were going to delay the train… and then security walked up to me and asked me to get off the train. My eyes got all big and round and Pod was like “uhhhmmm…” and the security guy was like, “are you with her?” “yeah” “okay why don’t you step off too…” and so we got rained on while they figured out that I was not whoever they were looking for, and they let us back on the train, and everybody was staring at us.

So then I was all cold and wet and cranky and my hot chocolate didn’t come with whipped cream. Bleah.

I guess yesterday was sort of mostly okay except I had to work and I got in a fight with Pod and then I had to work today.

But hey, it’s snowing. I threw a snowball at my friend Sam and haven’t fallen on my ass yet so I guess it’s okay.