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I Hate Being Sick

Of course I’d be sick when Tom is not here to take care of me :( Blargh.

I was sneezy and sniffly and congested all week and I thought it was my allergies acting up. But then they weren’t getting any better and this morning when I got up (after sleeping for 10 hours) I was still tired and my whole body hurt and I couldn’t breath and I had so much pressure in my head I thought I was going to pop.

So I sat in urgent care for a few hours and finally the doctor was like, “you have a sinus infection! have some antibiotics and get plenty of rest” so I went and got my medicine and now I am going to lay in bed, and it’s gonna suck getting up to get my own orange juice and food and stuff. And there was no shoulder for me to lay my head on in the waiting room.

I miss my Tom :( And not just cause I’m sick I missed him before that too.


  1. Dana
    Dana Sep 1, 2007

    I hope you feel better soon. See you on Twitter!  :)

  2. Leanne
    Leanne Sep 1, 2007

    Being sick is a drag. Being sick when it’s a thousand degrees out and there’s nobody around to be nice to you and bring you stuff is just utterly unfair.  Therefore, I think you’re entitled to the prescription of your choice (chocolate, Irish whiskey… whatever).  And feel better!


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