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Month: April 2008

The Moving Chronicles

Have I mentioned lately that I hate moving? Well. I do. I’d probably be dead now if it wasn’t for my little legion of friends though. Thanks guys <3

Thursday a couple friends moved my desk for me.. that thing is massive and it was quite an endeavor. I supervised. And the desk just *barely* fit in the little nook that I wanted it in. It’s pretty impressive actually. Also moved a few small boxes. Then I went to another friends house to watch TV and wound up drinking way too much and then Friday sucked. Oops.

Friday we moved all the rest of my stuff (garbage bags FTW!!) and were planning on having a Packing Party (read: throw stuff in bags while drinking beer) but we left the beer at the wrong house. So after we were done moving we had 2 beers and played like, half an hour of video game, then passed out from sheer exhaustion. Yay.

Saturday I went back to the old apartment with Tom cause we had to clean the carpet and counters and stuff, and sign over the lease. Tom was rude to me on the phone but when I got there he looked really sheepish and apologized for being rude, so all was well. It was a little bittersweet to look at the empty apartment … much as I am pretty close to over the whole thing it’s still a little sad to look at the utter finality of it. Signing the lease over made everything so official *sigh* Soooo I was a little down most of Saturday. I spent the whole day over at a friends house with Xoie playing with a few other puppies and sitting in front of a fire pit and trying not to dwell. The day was really unproductive but I think I really needed it. I felt a lot better.

So yesterday I went to IKEA and bought a mirror and a shelf and an armchair, and a new bed set, and a really cute little red dot rug. Oh and a light fixture, my buddy Marcus is supposed to come put it up for me sometime this week. I need to go get Xoie a doggy bed. She took over my armchair haha. Then I unpacked some stuff and went to sleep early.

Today I think I will go cash my check (it’s pretty much all accounted for, bleh) and make some dinner and get back to unpacking. I can’t wait for my room to be all done so that I just don’t have to think about moving any more.


Or, How About NOT Driving?

I’ve been kicking this idea around in my head for the past couple of months…

Gas is getting ridiculously expensive. Like… srsly. It doesn’t really look like it’s gonna be getting lower anytime soon either. My truck is getting expensive to keep drivable… the high mileage oil costs almost twice as much as the regular oil… my car insurance keeps going up (wtf? I can’t figure out why because I have no tickets and no accidents so it shouldn’t be getting more expensive…) uhhhhm, oh yeah and it’s doing this really cool stalling thing when I am braking. Yeaaaah. I can’t really afford to take it to the mechanic. I’m sure it just needs a tuneup but even those tend to be a couple hundred bucks that I simply don’t have budgeted to spend on the truck.

So according to the Kelley Blue Book, I could feasibly get $2-3k for my truck… that wouldn’t be bad. Then I can do one of two things…

I can either buy a (hopefully) more gas-economical little car with that money…
Or I can just not have a vehicle for a while and put that money in savings. Gain some interest on it and experience not having a car. I’ve been gathering lots of life-experiences lately, it’s pretty cool. Anyway, I’d save money on insurance and gas which will be cool, since my other bills seem to be getting bigger, and I’m getting paid less here. The monthly pass for the MAX and buses costs less than my insurance alone.

Down in L.A. I would have *never* even CONSIDERED not having a car. I almost feel like having that ingrained into me is why I haven’t already jumped ship and gotten rid of the truck. I love my truck but I kind of wonder if I actually NEED it. Hmmm. The MAX is really cool and runs often. It’s a 4 minute walk from my new home (I’m moving over the next couple weeks) to the stop there, and then a 4 minute walk from the MAX to my work, so that would mean I wouldn’t have to find parking here (it’s a nightmare). I already take the MAX to go to Downtown cause it’s faster most of the time and parking over there blows too. The buses seem to go pretty much everywhere that the train doesn’t go…. lots of people get around just fine without having a vehicle. My new roommate has a car so I can go grocery shopping with her, which is really the only time when you actually NEEEEEEEEEED a car no matter how close the public transportation is.

But I dunno. I can’t decide if I should go carless or not.


Cell Phones and Driving

OH.MY.GOD. I am so tired of almost getting killed by people who are on their cell phones and not paying attention to what they’re doing.

Last night, some dude in an ugly beat up red Ford pickup was in front of me, chatting away on his cell phone. So, annoyance one: when the light turned green he didn’t notice until I politely honked at him. No real problem there, just a “rawr, move” feeling. So then he turns and I get in the lane next to him cause I don’t want to drive behind him too long. So we’re driving along, him in the left lane, me in the right lane… THEN HE TRIED TO CHANGE LANES, RIGHT ON TOP OF ME. Yes, that’s right folks, he was too busy talking to turn his head to the right to make sure that there’s nobody there. So, I hit the brakes and lay on the horn, and the bugger STILL doesn’t turn around. Nothing. No flinch, no “I’m sorry I almost smushed you” wave, he just keeps on changing lanes like nothing happened. GRRR.

A couple weeks ago I almost got hit by a lady who ran a red light while she was chatting on her phone. Yeah. I mean, not only was her light red, but there were cars in the intersection!! How retarded do you have to be to not notice that?! Srsly.

Ok, so I do admit to occasionally gabbing on my phone while I’m driving… but when I do that, I pay MORE attention than normal to my driving. I’ve never run a red light or stop sign because I was on the phone. I’ve never tried to change lanes on top of somebody already there. I don’t cut people off or try to smush myself in small places.

So, my beef isn’t really with people talking and driving… my beef is with people who DON’T PAY ATTENTION to what they are doing because they are on the phone. Though sometimes I wonder.. maybe these people are always terrible drivers. Who knows. All I know is that one day, the people like me who are actually able to talk on their phone while driving without being a hazard to other people will not be able to talk on the phone anymore. Damn the stupid people that ruined it for the rest of us!!

*rabble rabble*

So, tell me about the times people have tried to run you off the road, or stories about why you hate other drivers…


Taxes and Alchoholic Orange Juliuses

Happy Tax Day people. Mwahaha. I hope you all got your stuff done I finally sent in my Oregon taxes yesterday (they wanted money from me so I put it off for a while haha). Anyway yeah taxes suck.

So last night we had alcoholic Orange Juliuses. Have you ever bought a bottle of rum, and then gone to the house that you’re all hanging out at, only to realize that nobody remembered to bring the Coke? Yeah, that was totally us last night. So the only thing in the fridge at my friends house were a couple cans of this sparkling orange flavored… stuff? Damned if I know what it was but it was a pretty good mixer. Our drinks were rum filled melted orange juliuses. Good times! :D

Hrm. What else to blog about… well, I’m moving this weekend. Puppy is a spaz. Work is fun, but people are stupid. That’s about it.

Oh, I also made like, an invite only blog on Blogger for posting about things that are fun but that I don’t need the whole wide internet to know about. If you want access (and think that it’s possible that I’d let you read it lol [if I talk to you I’ll probably let you in]) leave a comment here saying that you want access and I’ll hook you up with an invite email *nods* Gmail acct if possible, I think it works better that way. I’m way too lazy to go track down all your email addresses. I plan on posting about last weekends shenanigans (those of you that follow my Twitter might be curious) some time soon! Yay!

That is all. I will try not to be so sparse and update more often but I make no promises.


I’m a Real Tech Now!!!

SQUEEEEEEE!!!!! We graduated today! I got the highest score in the class on the test. Well.. 6 of us tied lol and then I lost the raffle for the G5 cause I have bad luck. Oh well. We had carrot cake! And got name badges for our cubes! And a certificate that we completed training! Fun!!

Then we moved to our cubes. There’s a picture of my setup on KSF To-Go. We’ll only be here for two weeks though. We’re in a controlled environment with smaller call volume and we have people easily available to help us. I took a call! All by myself! It was fantastic!!!!! The only problem I had was that I had no scrollbars in my tracking system hahahaha. So in the middle of my call while I was walking the guy through how to fix his problem, I was crawling under my desk switching to a mouse with a scroll wheel so that I could actually log my case. It rocked. But I fixed his problem! I should get a good CSAT on that call, wheeee!

This is fun. *waits for the next call*