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Month: June 2008

Knitting, Wheeee!

So, I’ve been doing a lot of knitting lately. Nothing spectacular, since I’m just learning and all, but it’s been fun so far, except for the whole “having to buy yarn and needles in a million sizes” part… that kind of sucks heh. I have this scarf that I’ve been working on forEVER it seems, I think one day that will be done. I’m also working on these very basic wrist warmers. I just started knitting in the round, so I chose that pattern because it’s pretty easy. I’m going to make some nicer ones when I finish, though I must say… it’s really hard to motivate myself to knit the things when it’s 100 degrees outside haha.

So I found a few patterns that I am going to modify to fit Momoko, since I’ve got one of those coming in the mail. I made a top but I think it came out too wide. It’s hard to knit for something that isn’t right in front of you! Also, teeny tiny hats are hard.

I did finish this little Nano Warmer though! Heh. That yarn that I used is rather elastic-y so I needed to knit up something quick and easy to get used to the yarn. I just need to sew a button on it.

So! Any other knitters out there in my Blogosphere? Or crocheters? If you’re on Ravelry, add me to your friends!


I Hate Being Sick!

Being sick is lame. I think I am dying. My snot is yellow. My head is so stuffy that my EARS hurt. My face is leaky. I have a fever. My head hurts. My body hurts. I can’t breathe. I am sad.

This thing is going around the whole call center. We all sound terrible. We are miserable. Poor us.

Isn’t it summer?! Isn’t there some law against being sick in June?! If there’s not, there should be.

How is everybody else feeling?


Woah, Fire

BEAVERTON, Ore. – Over 40 people were displaced early Friday morning in Beaverton when a 3-alarm fire heavily damaged an apartment complex.

The blaze broke out at the Birch Pointe Apartments on Southwest Cornell Road at about 1:15 a.m. Friday morning.

The Red Cross is assisting those left homeless after 18 units in the complex were damaged.

While there were no injuries to people from the fire, one dog died despite efforts to resuscitate it.

Five apartments were damaged by the fire while 13 more suffered smoke and water damage. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

The Red Cross has set up services for the displaced tenants at the Oak Hills Christian Church on NW 153rd Street in Beaverton.


This is the apartment complex right next door to the one I just moved out of. I have friends that live in this complex (though luckily they were not affected by the fires). This is crazy though! Those poor people :(  I know my apartment required all the tenants to have renter’s insurance.. I hope for the sake of these people that this complex does too, so that these people can at least get some of their stuff replaced.

I must be bad luck to my neighbors or something. One time in L.A., a tree fell on my neighbors house. Srsly? I am now half expecting a tornado to land on Mle’s condo.


Xoie at the Beach

Xoie had her first exposure to the beach yesterday! It was adorable.

She was all excited about the sand first off and was leaping everywhere through it. Then she was trying to chase the ocean… that is, until she realized it was moving towards her, then her reaction was, “RETREAT!!!!!!!!” teehehehehehe. Aw man, then she was trying to eat seaweed, the weirdo.

Also, looking for Haystack Rock was hilarious. “I know it’s around here somewhere… it’s a giant fucking rock in the ocean!” “Oh look, there it is!”

I want to take her again during the day, and take some pictures.

That is all for now. Don’t forget, Pointless Drivel Live tonight at 4 pacific time! See you all there