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Month: September 2007


So I might have whined before about how there’s really nowhere to do kickboxing in this state, and that the brazilian ju-jitsu class doesn’t cooperate with my schedule. I might have also already whined about how I’ve been gaining weight since I moved because I’ve gotten incredibly lazy and move even less than I used to. I mean, my metabolism can only do so much for me. Maybe I also mentioned that I can’t just get on a treadmill and run, or hop on an eliptical machine because those things are the devil. I need something much more interactive.

So today… I decided… DANCING! It’s a good way to get in shape and when I used to do it, I had a lot of fun with it. So I’m gonna start looking into places to do that. I’ll try to convince Tom to come with me. I think the only argument that will stand a chance is, “ok fine don’t go, I’ll just have to find a cute dance partner then” hehe.

I think it could be fun. Even though I’m like, totally uncoordinated and a major klutzoid. Oh boy.

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Adventures in Domestication

Anybody that knows me, knows this one basic thing about me: I am not domesticated. I am nothing that even vaguely resembles it. I can’t really cook, I don’t clean very well, I’m not terribly organized, I only separate laundry into “hot water” and “cold water” loads, and so on and so forth.

But there comes a time in every young persons life where they realize that if they don’t learn how at least the fundamentals of most of these things, life will be unpleasant. And yes, even I have come to this realization. You know, I kind of like being able to see the bedroom floor. And just the thought of eating another meal out makes my stomach unhappy. Since I no longer have my Grandma right down the street to feed me, I’ve decided that I’d like to not starve to death.

Last night Tom and I made a real dinner for the first time since moving in (… hot dogs do not count as food!) last night. He was in charge of the steak, and I made eggs and potatoes. Granted, they were frozen potatoes, but still! Baby steps folks. I learned how to make scrambled eggs from my momma, and while hers are still better (I blame it on the fact that I forgot to buy pepper) mine came out pretty decent.

This morning I decided that I wanted pigs in a blanket, so it was off to Haagen’s for some pancake mix and sausage links, and off to Target for this fantastic 13 piece Pyrex prepware set. I love Pyrex, I really do. Anyway, my pancakes came out pretty sad (note to self: use skillet for pancakes, not one of the pretty no-stick pans) but my sausage that I made on my George Foreman grill was awesome. Yum yum yum.

Tonight I plan on making mac and cheese and hamburger patties cause it’s quick and easy and relatively yummy, and I am sleepy. I did laundry today and I seem to be out of hot water. I need to run the dishwasher. Bleh.


Move Move Move

Sha la la. We are moved!

I’m stealing someones wireless, we’ll see how long it stays up hehe.

Went to IKEA today and they were sold out of every single piece of furniture I wanted except the TV stand. I’m so sad. But my bathroom is done, and my kitchen is done (Tom’s dad and stepmom bought us a glass set, a 48 piece silverware set, and a set of pots and pans, AND helped us move, they rock!!) and the living room is mostly done… we haven’t even started the bedroom yet.

My body hurts so much. I am so tired. Tom worked like 3 times as hard as me, I don’t know how he’s not like, dead.

Oh, I know. Cause we bought a Wii and he couldn’t be playing it right now if he was dead haha.
Well. I’M going to bed. I am so happy I took tomorrow off, I can’t even imagine trying to get up and go to work tomorrow.


I Hate Being Sick

Of course I’d be sick when Tom is not here to take care of me :( Blargh.

I was sneezy and sniffly and congested all week and I thought it was my allergies acting up. But then they weren’t getting any better and this morning when I got up (after sleeping for 10 hours) I was still tired and my whole body hurt and I couldn’t breath and I had so much pressure in my head I thought I was going to pop.

So I sat in urgent care for a few hours and finally the doctor was like, “you have a sinus infection! have some antibiotics and get plenty of rest” so I went and got my medicine and now I am going to lay in bed, and it’s gonna suck getting up to get my own orange juice and food and stuff. And there was no shoulder for me to lay my head on in the waiting room.

I miss my Tom :( And not just cause I’m sick I missed him before that too.