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Some Awesome Pictures

Strangely, I have nothing to say today. So, I will end the weekend with some Flickr photos that I really like (by other people). I may make this a weekly thing, Sunday is usually pretty mellow for me, but we’ll see. In the meantime, enjoy these photos.

1. L1003704.jpg, 2. sayonara scumbags, 3. October 2, 4. Cocedores, 5. Deus Ex Machina, 6. Beads. {explored}, 7. natural sparkling droplets, 8. Chocolate Filled Blackberry Soufflés, 9. Lighthouse trail, 10. 8077, 11. a moment of sweet life, 12. Caramel Apples, 13. Mohican Love

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Oregon Chili’s Closed With No Warning

BEAVERTON, Ore. – Hundreds of restaurant workers started looking for new jobs Tuesday after national restaurant chain “Chili’s” closed several of its Portland-area restaurants.

At the Beaverton location, the parking lot sat empty Tuesday except for former employees showing up for work and discovering they were out of a job.

A sign on the front door said the restaurant was “closed for repairs,” but that is not true, according to managers and the corporate office.

The Hillsboro location also closed; The Lake Oswego and Wilsonville restaurants may be shut down after Tuesday night.

Workers were stunned.

“I was on the schedule for this morning, and I walked up and (the manager) was here and said, ‘Nope, they’re closed,’ ” said Jimbo Purcell, a cook.

The Clackamas and Eugene locations will stay open and be run by the corporate office.

A manager predicted the closings will cost 300 Oregonians their jobs.


I was a big fan of the enchilada soup and the boneless buffalo chicken salad. The Beaverton location is was in the same parking lot as where I used to work, pretty much up the street from my house.  But man, what a terrible way to find out that you’re out of a job… that’s very sad. Terrible business practice.


Back In Action

Whee. So I’m not sure why my site was down for days but it seems to be back up and running now.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a rad movie. It would have been better w/o the masses of children in the theater though. Ah well. Anybody that hasn’t seen it, should. I grew up on TMNT!

300 was an even more rad movie if you’re into that kind of thing, which… I am :D “PERSIANS! COME AND GET THEM!!!”

I made chicken pineapple rice today and it was yummy, and I have some left over for lunch tomorrow.

And Vinz comes this weekend!

Life is gud.


Weekend Recap!

It was a good weekend. Not quite as cool as last weekend (because really, you can’t beat front row seats to a killer concert and having your mom buy all your drinks) but still good!

Friday night me and Sonia were on the guestlist at The Red Buddha thanks to one of the guys at work. It was a cute place but drinks were expensive and there were no cute guys so then we left and went to La Poubelle where we sat around and had more drinks and talked about uninteresting-boys and the such. Then we called a bunch of people and giggled like maniacs. Theeeen we went to Denny’s (YAY KATIE AND SONIA GO TO DENNY’S!!!11) and almost fell asleep on the table. It was cool. I love Sonia :love:

The Saturday morning me and Jeff watched The Bourne Identity for the millionth time (I love that movie) and ate blueberry french toast sticks aaaand then I went to a party at my uncle’s house (his baby’s baptism) and I swear he had to have had a good 150 people there. I don’t even think I *know* 150 people, let alone 150 people that would come to my parties. Anyway, one of my aunt-in-laws family members brought the best pork on earth but nobody would tell me where you can get a whole pig like that. I ate my own body weight, philipino people sure know how to cook I had to ask what everything was though before I ate it.. I passed on the quail eggs.

Also, St Paulie Girl has to be the only beer on earth that’s tolerable without putting anything in it. Actually, Red Stripe is ok too I guess. So we hung out with family and my uncle’s air traffic controller friends, they were all really cool. I kept losing track of which husband belonged to which wife and who’s kid was whose though haha. They were all really cool people.

Anyway I got home way later than I planned (I expected to leave early cause my grandma gets tired, but she was watching the Dodger game). I think when I got home me and Jeff watched a couple episodes of House (ok I watched one then fell asleep with my head in his lap during the second one).

Yesterday I slept until 1pm and then we did some cleaning, then ate a whole pizza and watched more House and had mango malibu with sprite.

That is all.