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Best. Show. EVAR!

OH EM GEE!!!!!

Ok yeah, I know, my 7 facts and my pink layout are late. Sorry. I’ll get to those soon. I was not even home more than 8 hours all weekend. I hardly even slept.


Saturday was my Shinedown/ROB ZOMBIE/Godsmack show. SUH-WEET! My car made it all the way to Irvine and back, I was pleased.

So me and my mom (… YES MY MOM. She’s way cooler than you, hah) got there at like, 2:30 (I had to give my car plenty of time to be stupid) and hung out in the parking lot with the other early people. I plucked my eyebrows and they look okay now. Then at like, 4:15 we were able to check in and we walked to the pre-party place and had free beer :cheers:  and food. They had REALLY YUMMY TERIYAKI MEATBALLS! :D And tons of fruit and awesome brownies.

So then Godsmack came over and took pictures with us, and Sully wished me a happy birthday cause my mom told him the show was my birthday gift. Then I got a bag with a wrist band and a teeshirt and an autographed photo of the band and stuff like that.

Aaaand then somebody found out that there were booths with real alchohol and my mom bought me a mini-margarita (by mini, I mean the girl put only a couple drops of everything in with the tequila haha). We hung out with the pre-party people a while longer, then bought rum and cokes and kettle corn and went to look for our seats.

…. WE HAD FRONT ROW SEATS. FRONT ROW!!!  For as many shows as I go to, I have NEVER had front row seats. It was awesome. I was so close my stupid camera phone actually got fairly decent shots. Check the moblog for the concert shots. Also, there’s an audiopost on the.. audioblog (seriously, I told you guys I was addicted to the blogs and stuff).

Shinedown was really good, I wish I had known more of their stuff. They did do Save Me at least, which is the only song I really know. Someone save me if you will, take away, all these pills :music:

Then ROB ZOMBIE came on! He had go-go dancers and real fireballs and a giant alien robot and he ran down my row and I touched him. Yeeeeeep! Most of the songs he did were on the CD I had been listening to on my way to the show. It was awesome.

Then when Godsmack came on I snuck down into the pit. Dude. It was so easy, I literally just stepped over the little red bar. And I fell on my butt cause someone stepped on me, and I got called a brave little lady. I laughed at the guy and was like, “… are you kidding, this is the calmest pit I’ve been into in.. actually, ever.” Yep. But it was my favorite kind where it’s just people running into eachother instead of arms and legs flying all over.

Words cannot express how awesome the show was. I feel sorry for all of you that were not there


  1. Dawn (webmiztris)
    Dawn (webmiztris) Oct 3, 2006

    awesome!  so where are these Godsmack pics???  love them!

  2. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Oct 6, 2006

    wow! that sounds like you had a good time! And front row! I haven’t been front row since my high school days back when they actually still had general admission. ::sighs:: I’m so old.

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