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Month: March 2007

Insurance Woes

So I got my new insurance card today, because my old coverage was no good in Oregon right.. I look at my card, and I am apparently now covered by.. Blue Cross of California.

…. der?


Back In Action

Whee. So I’m not sure why my site was down for days but it seems to be back up and running now.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a rad movie. It would have been better w/o the masses of children in the theater though. Ah well. Anybody that hasn’t seen it, should. I grew up on TMNT!

300 was an even more rad movie if you’re into that kind of thing, which… I am :D “PERSIANS! COME AND GET THEM!!!”

I made chicken pineapple rice today and it was yummy, and I have some left over for lunch tomorrow.

And Vinz comes this weekend!

Life is gud.


Kitty Buddy!

I made a buddy this morning, though I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again.

This morning there was this black cat sleeping under my truck. I don’t know how I noticed him while I was walking, but I did so I told him “Hey dude, you gotta move!” so he got up and walked right up to me and rubbed against my leg and purred so hard he vibrated. He was following me to my truck so I walked a little ways away then went to my truck hoping he’d stop following me. Nope. When I opened the car, he jumped right in!!

So then I was like “… no! Get out of my truck!” and I picked him up and put him out of the truck and got in. Then he jumped on my lap and started rubbing against my neck with his face. And I was like “… awwww you’re cute! Get out of my car, I can’t keep you!” and he looked at me and “meow meow meow! *purrrrrr*” and I was like “I am so allergic to you go away!”

Finally he got out of my truck and walked away and I was sad :( He was so cute and fluffy and all black with this green, green eyes.

I love cats. I really am terribly allergic though. I was itchy all day where he rubbed me and I am just now un-stuffy in the nose.

In other news, I met Paul from pmachine yesterday and he’s totally cool, no matter what he says.


Boys Are Annoying

Today there was a guy that came in to my work for an interview. When he walked in and I asked what his name was (… because I needed to know so I could print out his paperwork) his eyes got all big and round when he looked at me and from that point on I had to repeat like, everything because he was too flustered to pay attention. I think most people would have been flattered, but really… I was a little irritated. Pffft.


2 More Observations

1. Calling people is hard. Like… back in LA if I was calling someone in the same area code as me, I just dialed the 7 numbers. Here, I sometimes have to dial 503 first? WEIRD! It took me 3 tries to make my first phone call out from work haha.

2. If it’s really cold in the morning, the condensation on your window turns to ice. Freaky huh?

A real update will come soon.