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Goodbye, Hello

Today is my last day working technical support for Photoshop and Premiere Pro (and the butt-ton of sub-products that go with them). It’s been an interesting year, that’s for sure.

Usually when I leave a job, it’s a little more bittersweet than this. There are certainly people I’m going to miss here…  Scott, Wesley, Dan, Brandi, Lara, Chris, Larry, Jason and so on and so forth.. but that’s all I’ll miss. Just my peeps. There’s a lot of things about working here that were really getting to me. Like.. have you even been somewhere where you keep wondering “WHY do I keep coming back?!” It was kind of like that. There are more places than this that I feel like that about, but we’ll skip that for now haha. I won’t get into it more though; that’s not the type of dirty laundry I like to air out on my blog. I love and will miss my coworkers though. They brought me cake! Everybody looks sad to see me go.

I am very excited for my new job though! I will be doing email and occasional phone support for Freeway, as well as various other tasks. It is an excellent opportunity and I am looking forward for Monday, when I get to start my new job.


Another Weapon in my Arsenal

I just finished Premiere training yesterday! Included in my Premiere training was Premiere Pro CS3 and CS4 (Mac and Windows), Premiere Elements 4 and 7 (Windows only), OnLocation CS3 (Windows) and CS4 (Mac and Windows), and Encore CS3 and CS4 (Mac/Windows).

So currently, I’ve gotten full on training in all of those, as well as Photoshop CS2, CS3, and CS4 (both platforms), Lightroom 1 and 2 (also both platforms), Photoshop Elements 4 (Windows/Mac), 5 (Windows), 6 (both) and 7 (windows), and installation of all products (CS2, CS3, CS4, both platforms).

How has my head not exploded? I don’t know. Hehe I don’t have to support allllll of those though.

But anyway I am now pretty well versed in the ways of video editing, capturing video, and DVD authoring. It’s pretty fun.

I don’t know how soon I’ll be getting my ACE’s for these products though. I’m not feeling nearly as cocky or even confidant in these programs as I did straight out of training for the other ones.


I’m a Real Tech Now!!!

SQUEEEEEEE!!!!! We graduated today! I got the highest score in the class on the test. Well.. 6 of us tied lol and then I lost the raffle for the G5 cause I have bad luck. Oh well. We had carrot cake! And got name badges for our cubes! And a certificate that we completed training! Fun!!

Then we moved to our cubes. There’s a picture of my setup on KSF To-Go. We’ll only be here for two weeks though. We’re in a controlled environment with smaller call volume and we have people easily available to help us. I took a call! All by myself! It was fantastic!!!!! The only problem I had was that I had no scrollbars in my tracking system hahahaha. So in the middle of my call while I was walking the guy through how to fix his problem, I was crawling under my desk switching to a mouse with a scroll wheel so that I could actually log my case. It rocked. But I fixed his problem! I should get a good CSAT on that call, wheeee!

This is fun. *waits for the next call*


I “Graduate” Tomorrow!

Gosh, sorry it’s been so quiet around here lately. I’ve been trying my hand at this “social life” thing, and apparently I am better at it than I thought

So work has been going well. Tomorrow we take our final and “graduate” out of training. Yippee! I’m pretty excited. Today, I was out on the floor and took some real calls… I simply couldn’t bear another day of sitting and watching the trainwreck.. (there are some people in my class that are totally going to crash and burn, sad times). So yeah, my first 3 calls were mega easy (one was a dead line, one girls problem fixed itself because she had rebooted, and the other call wasn’t supposed to be on my line, so I transfered it). Then I took a break… then it was CALL after CALL after CALL of like, really bizarre issues. I had this very “deer in the headlights” look on my face when most of them were telling me what the problem was haha, as my mouth is saying “YEAH, I can fix that for you, no problem!” and my brain is thinking “… I have no idea what the hell you are talking about”. It didn’t help any that most of them were people with Mac’s, and I basically know squat about OS X. It was good times!

But yeah, I am looking forward to the chaos that will come when I don’t have somebody listening to the call and writing notes to me about what to do lol


Training Was Helpful Today

So today, as I was browsing the front page of the database we use to get all our “super secret troubleshooting secrets”, I found a link titled “CS2 asks to register everytime I load it (Vista)” or something very similar to it and I was like “…ZOMG I HAVE THAT SAME EXACT PROBLEM!!!11eleventy-one~” because well, I do. It’s annoying having to close the register screen everytime no matter how many times I tell it never register.

Anyway I clicked the link and it told me how to fix it and I am happy cause now I don’t get that screen anymore. I knew there was a reason I took this job haha.