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Month: April 2009

Spring Time!

Shoes and Tights

Can I just say that Spring time makes me ridiculously happy? Cause it does! Portland is still rainy sometimes but we had a few days of clear skys and warm weather and the weather guy says it’s supposed to be nice like that again in a few days. I’m really looking forward to nice weather. Rain is nice and all but I miss the sunshine. I wish I could get a tan up here!

But yea, spring! Believe it or not I actually love bright colors. All the flowers and trees (and yes my allergies will start acting up and then I’ll hate Spring, but that hasn’t happened yet!) and cute clothes! I need to set my sewing machine up somewhere so I can make a ton of skirts and buy a bunch of footless tights and more flats. I found some really cute patterns that I think I can manage (sewing in a straight line isn’t as easy as it sounds ) Spring also makes me kind of crafty. I need to go buy supplies!

In other news, things on all my sites and most sites in the KSF Bloglomerate may be a little wonky for the next week or so; we’re moving servers and that is going to be a huge headache and things *will* go wrong, so don’t be surprised.

That is all!


Goodbye, Hello

Today is my last day working technical support for Photoshop and Premiere Pro (and the butt-ton of sub-products that go with them). It’s been an interesting year, that’s for sure.

Usually when I leave a job, it’s a little more bittersweet than this. There are certainly people I’m going to miss here… Scott, Wesley, Dan, Brandi, Lara, Chris, Larry, Jason and so on and so forth.. but that’s all I’ll miss. Just my peeps. There’s a lot of things about working here that were really getting to me. Like.. have you even been somewhere where you keep wondering “WHY do I keep coming back?!” It was kind of like that. There are more places than this that I feel like that about, but we’ll skip that for now haha. I won’t get into it more though; that’s not the type of dirty laundry I like to air out on my blog. I love and will miss my coworkers though. They brought me cake! Everybody looks sad to see me go.

I am very excited for my new job though! I will be doing email and occasional phone support for Freeway, as well as various other tasks. It is an excellent opportunity and I am looking forward for Monday, when I get to start my new job.