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Month: October 2008

It’s Almost Halloween!

We’re coming to the end of October, and that means Halloween is coming up! I gotta say though, I’m less enthusiastic about it now that I live in a place that gets cold.

Friday night, I might maybe go to a haunted house type thing, unless Pod comes up with some sort of better idea. Saturday, we are going to go to the pumpkin patch so I can make a jack-o-lantern. We had the funniest conversation about it.

me: I want to go to a pumpkin patch! And make a jack-o-lantern!
him: You would wantonly slaughter an innocent pumpkin all so you can light it’s head up?
me: You should be happy I’d rather stick a knife in a pumpkin than in you. In fact, you should probably encourage this behavior *nod*
him: Pumpkin patch it is!

We’re also going to go to the corn maze, if it doesn’t rain between now and then. I made the mistake of going through the corn maze the day after it rained last year and almost lost a shoe in the mud. I did wind up having to replace them. They’re still on the doorstep of my old apartment, where I took them off because Tom wouldn’t let me into the house with them on.

We’re going to a costume party on Halloween.. I haven’t decided yet what I want to dress up as. It’s too cold to be anything that I would probably usually have been for Halloween down in LA. Last year I dressed up as Little Miss Muffet and my butt threatened to fall off from the cold. Speaking of, I still have that costume, and Megan still has my shoes. We’re really bad at this “remembering to take the other person’s stuff back” thing.

What are you guys all up to for Halloween? Oh, and what was your favorite costume ever?

(My favorite was the time I was like, 5 and dressed up as a bag of jelly beans. It was awesome. My mom still owes me my picture of that.)

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Another Weapon in my Arsenal

I just finished Premiere training yesterday! Included in my Premiere training was Premiere Pro CS3 and CS4 (Mac and Windows), Premiere Elements 4 and 7 (Windows only), OnLocation CS3 (Windows) and CS4 (Mac and Windows), and Encore CS3 and CS4 (Mac/Windows).

So currently, I’ve gotten full on training in all of those, as well as Photoshop CS2, CS3, and CS4 (both platforms), Lightroom 1 and 2 (also both platforms), Photoshop Elements 4 (Windows/Mac), 5 (Windows), 6 (both) and 7 (windows), and installation of all products (CS2, CS3, CS4, both platforms).

How has my head not exploded? I don’t know. Hehe I don’t have to support allllll of those though.

But anyway I am now pretty well versed in the ways of video editing, capturing video, and DVD authoring. It’s pretty fun.

I don’t know how soon I’ll be getting my ACE’s for these products though. I’m not feeling nearly as cocky or even confidant in these programs as I did straight out of training for the other ones.


Oh Hai.

Yes yes, I’ve been MIA for a little while. *shrug* Real life and all.

So… update. Hmmmmmmmmm. Well.. I was in LA for a few days for a family emergency, my car broke down on the way back and cost $1000 to fix, the Xoie is being a booger face but I love her anyway, I’ve been playing lots of Rock Band and some D&D, I found myself a cute boy who, thus far, has proven himself to be a genuinely nice guy, I got an iPod touch that is currently glued to my hands, and… you know, stuff.

I refuse to apologize for not blogging more often, and I never understood people who made posts about thinking about closing their blogs. In case anybody hasn’t noticed… if I don’t feel like blogging, I just don’t blog. But, I am still alive. Just in case anybody was wondering.

Oh yeah, and today, one of my pictures made it into Explore on Flickr. This is only my 3rd one to ever be in there. Behold!

I Think We Killed Her – (aka I Think I Might Be A Cylon, aka 073)