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Month: March 2008

Training Was Helpful Today

So today, as I was browsing the front page of the database we use to get all our “super secret troubleshooting secrets”, I found a link titled “CS2 asks to register everytime I load it (Vista)” or something very similar to it and I was like “…ZOMG I HAVE THAT SAME EXACT PROBLEM!!!11eleventy-one~” because well, I do. It’s annoying having to close the register screen everytime no matter how many times I tell it never register.

Anyway I clicked the link and it told me how to fix it and I am happy cause now I don’t get that screen anymore. I knew there was a reason I took this job haha.


Allergies are the Pits!

Oh man. I have been SO miserable the last couple days! It seems to be getting to be springtime around here and man, the allergies are kicking in!

Yesterday my eyeballs were burning and I couldn’t see clearly. It was great fun! (/sarcasm) Today I woke up and I couldn’t breathe. I knew it was gonna be a good day heh. Then my nose started being all runny, then the eyes got itchy again and I couldn’t see. I came home and had lots of sugar but that didn’t help haha. So I took some promethazine a little while ago (I can’t wait to get all the pharmaceutical spam now, woot! more sarcasm there) and I am currently waiting for it to knock me out. I’m getting pretty close… my eyes are getting tired. Apparently it’s a multi functional medication… it will make my allergies feel better, make my tummy feel better, and act as a mild antipsychotic! Score!! My doctor rocks.

In all seriousness though, I do need to find a good allergy medication that won’t put me to sleep. Benadryl knocks me out too (but nothing like this sweet little white pill!) and that just is no good when I have to work. Claritin doesn’t work for me… I’m all out of ideas. Any suggestions? Just keep in mind that anything that comes with a warning label of “may cause drowsiness” has a 99% chance of putting me to sleep. But I miss being able to breathe!

In other totally unrelated news, I updated my EE and it didn’t go well. It never does lol. Not by any fault of EE of course, but just my terrible luck. Now I remember why I hadn’t done it haha. But, all is well now.

Annnnnnddddd the sleep is coming. Must…. drag…. self… to…. bedroom……. *blacks out*


Co-hosting This Weekend!

So, for those of you that haven’t heard, this Sunday Mr Fabulous is going to let me be co-host on Pointless Drivel Live! The show we did together last year was a total disaster but for some reason he’s decided to have me on again. But, I think everybody already knows that he’s a few fries short of a kid’s meal so we won’t speculate too much about it.

Here are his thoughts on it:

Tonight’s Co-Host: Katie from Kat Scratch Fever. My favorite rock and roll hottie from the West Coast joins us once again to talk about… well… she’s 22 and smokin’ hot. We’ll talk about whatever the hell she WANTS to talk about. Who am I to argue?

So mark your calanders, it’s a scheduled trainwreck that you don’t want to miss! Sunday, 4pm Pacific time. Be there or be square!

PS, yes I will blog soon. I’m just feeling uninspired right now.


A Picture Meme Thing

I was bored and found this on someone’s site and it looked fun.

Here are the rules:
– Go to Flickr.
– Type your answer into the “search” box.
– Pick an image from the first page.
– Copy and paste answer into blog.

My Name Is:

My relationship status is:

My favorite color is:

My celebrity crush is:

My favorite Disney Princess is:

My favorite adult beverage is:

My dream vacation is:

When I grow up I want to be:


Roller Derby Is Awesome!

So, I went up to Seattle this weekend (I will blog more about that tomorrow), and while I was there, my friends and I went to see the Jet City Roller Girls bout. I’d never seen roller derby before, and can I just say, it was the MOST FRICKEN AWESOME THING EVER!!!!

I mean, how can you beat it? You’ve got all these hardcore chicks on roller skates knocking the hell out of each other while their jammer tries to survive the chaos and pass everybody. It’s great! People break bones playing this game. Ouch, but yeah, it’s definitely bad ass! I sat in the crash zone for a while, but nobody fell on me. I was a little sad. Here’s a video I took of one of the jams.

So now that I have been exposed to the glory that is the roller derby, I really want to get into it! Portland is home of the Rose City Rollers and I would absolutely LOVE to be part of it. I figure, if I can survive kickboxing and mosh pits, and love every second of it, roller derby is meant for me to play! They have some clinics and tryouts coming up quick. Sadly I don’t think I’ll be able to get in this time around though. For starters, I don’t own skates or any of the rest of the gear. Secondly.. well, it’s been YEARS since I’ve been on a pair of roller skates. In-lines I can do.. quads… not so much ha. So I will have to get a pair and practice being about to stay on my feet. It looks like an expensive thing to get into… but some time soon, I will do it! And then you all have to come to Portland to cheer for me. *nods*

In short… if you’ve never been to a roller derby bout, look up your local team and go! It’s fun :D