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Category: Site Development Now Open(ish)!

I bought with the intention of making it my photography and portfolio site almost a year ago. I recently started getting notices from GoDaddy saying that my domain is about to renew. That’s when I decided I should actually, you know, PUT something on the domain (what a novel concept!).

So I made a layout and put up some of the content. It’s not done yet, so a couple sections say “coming soon” (I plan on being done by the end of next week) but I wanted some feedback. You all should hop over, then come back here and tell me what you think, or if you have any suggestions (since the contact section is not up yet haha).

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Everything Is A Little Buggy

Man. I don’t know what’s going on, but everything has been jussst a little bit odd this past week. My world has a bug! OH NOES!!! I’m a little bit delirious today and I’m not sure why.

Anyhow. KSF To-Go is not working right at the moment. So if anybody has visited in the past 2 weeks and noticed any anomolies with it, that’s why. The nice folks over at ExpressionEngine are trying to help me get it fixed though, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

What else… I have terrible allergies and stuff this week. That’s no fun. I had to go home early yesterday cause I couldn’t shake the benedryll I had taken the night before to be able to breathe… luckily I had bonus time so it all worked out for me.

There were some other things buggy I was gonna talk about but my brain seems to be buggy too and now I don’t remember.

Really…… I just want to take a nap.

How’s everybody else?

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It’s Tasty!™

Ok, ok, enough with the vagueness! People want to know what the Katie and Yoshi Super Secret Project is. Well, I guess I’ve gotta give the people what they want!

Tasty!™ is our podcast-on-crack project about our favorite topic: FOOD! The audio portions will have things like food in the news, bizarre food, things we like to eat, guest chef-hosts, and other fun things. There will be occasional videocasts of Yoshi and I battling it out in some sort of demented Iron Chef type thing. We will post recipes and reviews of local yummy places. And whatever else we come up with!

The following preview is like listening to a trainwreck. Enjoy!!


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System Maintenance

I was a little bit behind on the times, and a version behind EE. Oops. My poor little blog has been neglected. But no more! I plan to fix this, mmmmhmm! So yesterday I installed the latest version of ExpressionEngine, and boy did Vista give me crap for trying to do so. SmartFTP decided to stop working, which sucks. Dreamweaver wouldn’t connect to my server, which also sucks. I wound up having to download CuteFTP which is cool, but I’ll be sad in 30 days when my trial runs out. Then my internet kept dropping. It wasn’t my day haha.

Anyhow! That is all taken care of now. Last night, I found a killer free (open source) template that I love (yes, I’m getting lazy with my web design, shush!) and I hooked up my XP box and modified the images and CSS to better suit my site. So over the next couple days I just need to write up the EE code and make all my pages.

Anticipate a new layout by the end of the week

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The Comment API and Stuff

I think I have it working now.

I spent way too long reading about the comment API (which i am now convinced is a figment of my imagination) and wfw:comment and wfw:commentRss and all that jazz. Theoretically is is working now. Or, as Paul put it, it is “as non-working as everyone else’s”

I think Feedburner hates me. But in theory there is now an “add a comment” link in my feed (which I think technically was *supposed* to be a comment count) and in theory it points to the right page. Last time I tried it went to the permalink instead of the comment page. I might or might not have actually fixed that.

My brain hurts.