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Month: January 2009

Sorry for RSS Spam

So, since Google acquired FeedBurner, which is what I use for my feeds, the feeds are being migrated to a new server or some jazz like that. Apparently the transfer of my feed is not going smoothly, and so it’s been repropogated or something a couple of times, which means my entries keep showing up as new on my feed, which then means it winds up in your feed readers multiple times.

Sorry about that :(

Hopefully it’ll be sorted out soon… I don’t think there’s anything I can do to help though.

Actually. It might help if you change your subscription for my site from to (some RSS readers may be having a problem with the temporary redirect from the old URL to the new one).

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Computer Upgrade Time

So, with the impending release of The Sims 3, I’ve been carefully scrutinizing the hardware in my computer, and have come to realize that while it was sufficient a year and a half ago when I bought it (read: “good enough”), I am quickly outgrowing the system.

Which leaves me in a slightly uncomfortable position, having bought a pre-built Dell computer. They don’t exactly make changing hardware the easiest thing sometimes. However, it’s not under warranty or anything like that, so I’m just going to trust my previous hands on experience and have at it. Worst case scenario, my computer blows up. (…. wait, that would suck. umm…)

Anyway, I’ve already added more memory, an extra hard drive and added a FireWire port, which was easy.

Now I’m looking to replace the processor (mine doesn’t even meet the system requirements), which makes me nervous. Lots of little pins and stuff… if I have to replace the motherboard I might as well just build a new computer (which, I can’t, as much as I would love to). I’m looking to get the Intel E8400 (3.0 ghz dual core that runs circles around my current 1.7 dual core). It’s”cheap” but still good.

While I was looking at that, my buddy Shawn pointed out that my video card sucks. This is lower on my priority list (despite his protests) because while yes, it’s not the greatest video card on earth, it *is* on the list of supported video cards for Sims 3, while my processor is lacking in ghz. I do, however, want a new one because mine wasn’t that good when I bought it, so now it’s really subpar. I haven’t started looking too much at those yet; any suggestions? (nothing too fancy though; I do, after all, work a mediocre job :p)

These upgrades will also make the video-editing process not suck so much, and I may actually make more frequent use of my video camera

So now, mostly I’m crossing my fingers that the IRS is good to me and brings me a decent refund when I file my taxes. W-2’s take too long. /waits impatiently.


Hello Visitors from Jodifur!

Hello to everybody stopping by today from the post about my super cute skull high heels that are posted for Shoe Friday 13 at Jodifer! Please make yourself comfortable, have a look around, and I hope some of you come back again later

For anybody that is curious about where the shoes came from… I have no idea actually, they were a gift. I love them very much. For the record though, I can’t walk in them very well because I am a klutz. I try anyway. I have not broken my ankle yet in them :D

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I Rediscovered My DS

Over my (very lovely) 4 day weekend, I rediscovered my Nintendo DS. I blame Cynthia for it; she was playing Animal Crossing and didn’t have all the fruit trees, so I offered to let her raid my town to take a couple pieces of fruit (she later raided it while I wasn’t looking and stole all my fruit! rawr haha).

It was all downhill from there.

A few days later, my town is free of weeds (Cynthia helped!), I have way more Pokemon than I had before (I play Diamond), I now have both Harvest Moon games (and haven’t beat either haha), and unlocked all the Cooking Mama II recipes (though I haven’t gotten gold on all of them yet).

Addicted much? Nah!

So, people with a DS.. what games do you play? Any of them that go online? If so we should totally hook up via wi-fi and do whatever happens in whatever game we both have

4 Comments Now Open(ish)!

I bought with the intention of making it my photography and portfolio site almost a year ago. I recently started getting notices from GoDaddy saying that my domain is about to renew. That’s when I decided I should actually, you know, PUT something on the domain (what a novel concept!).

So I made a layout and put up some of the content. It’s not done yet, so a couple sections say “coming soon” (I plan on being done by the end of next week) but I wanted some feedback. You all should hop over, then come back here and tell me what you think, or if you have any suggestions (since the contact section is not up yet haha).

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