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Everything Is A Little Buggy

Man. I don’t know what’s going on, but everything has been jussst a little bit odd this past week. My world has a bug! OH NOES!!! I’m a little bit delirious today and I’m not sure why.

Anyhow. KSF To-Go is not working right at the moment. So if anybody has visited in the past 2 weeks and noticed any anomolies with it, that’s why. The nice folks over at ExpressionEngine are trying to help me get it fixed though, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

What else… I have terrible allergies and stuff this week. That’s no fun. I had to go home early yesterday cause I couldn’t shake the benedryll I had taken the night before to be able to breathe… luckily I had bonus time so it all worked out for me.

There were some other things buggy I was gonna talk about but my brain seems to be buggy too and now I don’t remember.

Really…… I just want to take a nap.

How’s everybody else?

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  1. Colin B.
    Colin B. May 16, 2008

    This week has been terrible for me as you have probably already noticed but I’m doing a lot better today. I hate allergies, they attack when I least expect them and at the weirdest of times. It’s crazy.

    I used to not take any medicine for them but at some point I said fuck it, I can’t deal with this shit any more. You’d better take some too. They help.

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