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Month: January 2007

An Announcement

For those of you who are behind on the times, or just don’t have little birds that keep them up to date on the Happenings of Katie That Have Yet to be Blogged About™, I have an announcement.

Next month, I am moving from Los Angeles to Portland.

edited to add: it’s a good thing.


This Is Titleless, Oh My!

At some point, I am quite sure I will eventually catch up on my sleep.  Just not anytime soon!

Busy busy weekend. Friday night The Sonia and I went on a misadventure and it was fun. First off, I couldn’t drive my truck normally for a few miles ‘cause the mechanic readjusted my clutch (apparently it was riding high, so I had to get used to it all over again because it was engaging in a different place).. so that was fun. THEN OMG WE GOT STUCK ON A BIG HILL LOOKING FOR PARKING o_O It was scurry. I was going up the hill,  but not fast enough so suddenly I was not moving. GAH. So Sonia starts hyperventilating and I’m like “GAAAAH OMG WHAT DO I DOOOOO?!?!?!?!” so I remembered that somebody said “lot’s of gas” so I gave it lots of gas and my tire squealed but I didn’t roll backwards :D I hope to never stop on a hill again haha.

So we finally found parking but the sign said we had to be out by 11. So we sprinted to the bar, and Carlton from Fresh Prince was there haha. Anyway me and Sonia grabbed a drink, drank it fast, talked about random things like we love to do and sprinted back to the truck at 10:56. YAY! So then we went to Hilary’s house and hung out there for a few hours and it was fun.

Then Saturday morning I took Vinz to Puppy Graduation and he was all sorts of excited for some reason. I mean, he’s always hyper… but this was extreme even by his standards. Weirdo. Anyway, after that I went to lunch with Jeff while he has his car washed. Then it started raining. Poor Jeff.

So then I was stuck in traffic on the 101 because I am retarded and didn’t know that even though I was going south, I needed the 101 north to get to the 405. So eventually when I wound up in downtown LA and still hadn’t hit the freeway I figured out I went the wrong way. But at that point it was easier to take the other freeway and just chalk it up to going the long way to Culver City. I’m a special brand of stupid Once I hit the 110 I knew exactly where I was going, because that’s how I used to get to Santa Monica from Glendale. La la la.

Me and Jeremy played Wii for a while and I made a total dork of myself playing golf “Katie! We’re playing golf, not baseball!” Well whatever, I made it in the hole eventually :blush: Actually, I played Wii for a long time. I started playing Zelda and like, an hour later I was like “…. oh man I’ve been playing this longer than I thought”. It was horridly fun and now I kind of want one. I made a Mii and it’s totally awesome.

Then we went to a party in a shady part of town and left after not too long because one of Jeremy’s friends was afraid he was going to die. That was the end of that *shrug* More Wii was played and it was funny watching people play bowling.

Sunday I went to go see my aunt from my dad’s side of the family. I hadn’t seen anybody in years… it was nice. I get my “no sense of direction whatsoever” from my dad’s side, along with the phrase “holy hell that’s obnoxious… I LOVE IT!” haha

Then (omg could this weekend possibly have been any more packed with things to do!?) I went to pick up Jeff, and we played video games, then went and had a very yummy sushi dinner (I love California rolls) and did laundry and watched half a movie before I was so exhausted I don’t even remember dragging my butt to bed.

And now I am at work, and my coworker is back from London and he brought me a totally rad fishie purse and an England Beanie and a key chain. I’ve been here an hour and a half and have yet to start actually working.


A Thought

Everybody keeps saying, “Oh Katie, you are so brave, you have such guts” but to be perfectly honest, I’m kind of scared out of my god damn mind.


Friday’s Feast – 128 – Week 18

Appetizer: If you could take lessons to learn any musical instrument, which would you want to learn?
I learned pretty much all the instruments I ever really wanted to play (clarinet, flute, alto sax, alto clarinet, piano, violin.. was gonna play oboe but that didn’t work out) except one: cello. That was the original instrument I wanted but when I first started playing music, the cello was bigger than me One day, maybe.

Soup: Have you ever mistaken a person for someone else?
I do this ALL THE TIME. It’s really embarrassing.

Salad: On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how well do you keep secrets?
8.5 or 9. I never tell on purpose but sometimes things slip :nervous:

Main Course: What’s the closest you’ve ever been to a dangerous animal?
Uhm, well if you had seen me panic, you’d have thought the moose that was chewing on my tent mere inches from my head was trying to kill me.

Dessert: When was the last time you lost your patience?
On a regular basis at work. These people drive me bonkers!


Dead Man to Become New Dad

In August 2002, 19-year-old Sergeant Kevin Cohen was guarding an Israeli settlement in the Gaza Strip. At 7 a.m. he was shot dead by a Palestinian sniper. It was that bullet that killed Kevin and his dream, which he had related to his mother, Rachel Cohen, of one day fathering a child.

But this week, four years after his death, a dramatic ruling by an Israeli court means Kevin Cohen’s dream may very well come true.

A ‘biological will’
After her son’s death, Cohen approached a non-profit organization called “New Family” which is dedicated to advancing family rights.

The organization is trying to convince people to write a “biological will,” which in case of death would allow doctors to extract sperm from their bodies,” explained Irit Rosenblum, the founder of “New Family” and Cohen’s lawyer.

It was a mother’s instinct that led Cohen to request doctors to freeze her dead son’s sperm. Cohen said she had a dream one year after her son died.

“He appeared in my dream and asked me, mom what’s with my child? Please hurry,” said Cohen. “I woke up with a big sweat and decided to go ahead, all the way.”

Then came the legal battle, which was fought around the ruling permitting only the wife of a deceased man to extract his sperm and to become impregnated by it. The new ruling now recognizes the parent’s right over a dead child’s sperm.

Irit Rosenblum, left, founder of the Israeli non-profit organization “New Family,” and her client Rachel Cohen.

Battle won
Cohen’s cell phone rang with the good news just as she was laying flowers on her son’s grave. “I was too nervous and frustrated with the court battle, I decided the best place to be was near Kevin’s grave,” said Cohen.

Rosenblum called with the news that her dream of becoming a grandmother was going to come true. “The decision gave me great happiness but still the pain is so huge, I turned to the grave and told the good news to Kevin,” said Cohen.

“The ruling represents a light at the end of the tunnel both for a family mourning the loss of a child, and also for a single woman wanting to bring a new life into this world,” said Rosenblum.

An unusual appeal
During the course of the legal battle Cohen sent out an emotional appeal to the Israeli public for help. It was a strange request: Would a woman come forward and give birth to Cohen’s dead son’s child?

The process of finding a mother for Kevin Cohen’s child took more than two years. Two hundred women were interviewed, medical tests were conducted, meetings with psychologists took place and finally one was chosen. “She won my heart right away,” said Cohen.

The 35-year-old woman preferred not to be identified, but Cohen said, “There are a lot of women out there that really want to know the father’s identity, his background, to be able to tell the child who was his father.”

Now Cohen is waiting for another phone call, for more good news, that maybe nine months from now she will become a grandmother. At last she will be able to look at her son’s picture and tell him he has a child.


Is it just me that finds this slightly disturbing? I mean.. it’d be one thing if he had been married, and his wife was trying to have his baby (though even that it a little odd to me under these circumstances), but this just does not sit well with me at all. That poor baby.