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Category: Hobbies and Crafts


I’m a little bit crafty at times, and lately, I’ve been making more stuff. Most of it is for me, and I’ve always wanted to share more of it, but I don’t feel like Kat Scratch Fever is the place for it. So, I made a craft blog, where I can post all I want about crafts! Sounds good to me. If you’re interested in following along with my crafting adventures, check out the katili*made blog!

To go along with that, there’s also the more profit-driven portion, also known as the Etsy Shop. And, because I’m a total goober, there’s also the official katili*made Twitter account, Facebook page, and Flickr gallery. Follow any/all of those at will.

I figure there might be the occasional Hobby topic on here, just to keep those of you that don’t follow in the loop, but not often.

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Knit, Knit, Knit!

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting lately. Well, relative for me, anyway. I know people that knit like crazy… I’ll never keep up with them hehe.

But anyway, yes, knitting. I’ve compiled quite a stash! Good yarn is expensive but sooooooo worth it. These days I’m absolutely in love with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. If you’re on Ravelry you can check out my yarn stash. It’s small compared to some, but I have enough for plenty of small projects.

I just finished making my Blackberry Cowl. It’s not as soft as I had hoped but it’s pretty cozy. Now I’m working on a Chocolate Striped Scarf for Pod and have yarn to make one for myself. I finally finished the wrist warmers that go with the slouch hat that I made for Sonia for Christmas.. whoops.

Yes, I’m aware that most of those links go to Ravelry, so just in case you’re not a member, here’s some pictures of these projects. Yeah, the pink hat is mine, but Sonia’s looks just like it, but teal. The wrist warmers are the same color.

1. Blackberry Cowl Stitches (Pre Blocked), 2. Diagonal Chocolate Stripes, 3. Pink Hat, 4. Teal Yarn

I’ve got a few pairs of fingerless gloves in progress, too. I don’t know why I can’t just sit down and start the second glove after I finish the first one. I’ve got two pairs right now that only have one glove made haha. i almost started the third, but I should REALLY finishes these two first.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Sewing is on hold right now; my sewing machine is driving m nuts.

What crafts or hobbies do you guys do?


Aaah, What A Weekend!

Long weekends are the best invention ever, mmmmhmmm!

After I got off work on Thursday (at 6 fricken 30 I might add, grumble) I did a mad dash over to my D&D game. I’m a dwarf cleric in that game and pretty much rock, for the record :D We played that for a couple hours and had dinner and it was fun. Then… we busted out ROCK BAND! Wooooo! That game is ridiculously fun, OMG. I started off playing guitar, and we had to keep switching roles after a few songs cause everybody we had singing kept failing. So then they took my guitar and handed me the mic, and apparently I’m really good at being the singer, so now… I sing! We made a band called Whiteboard Hoppopotamus (default names FTW!) and rocked out until like, 3 in the morning when we got too tired to keep our eyes open.

Friday I hung out with Xoie for the morning then went to a BBQ thing and ate lots of yummy food and drank way more mojitos than I probably needed and as such, was unable to make it to my Friday night D&D game (I’m a tiefling rogue in that one, and I think I’m awesome but haven’t gotten much chance to find out just yet). But, I got to blow things up and that was fun, too.

Saturday I cleaned like crazy. My bedroom is about 96% organized! My closet it spotless! I still need to do the bathroom and bring the rest of my stuff up from the garage, but I think I’m almost done. Exciting! Wooo! Then I went to a half-birthday party which was also way fun.

I got a nasty charlie horse in my right calf in the middle of the night. It was terrible! Nothing quite like waking up with your leg muscle clenched, causing some major ouch-ness. Stretching it out HURT. My leg has been sore since then. Walking hurts and I practically fell over getting up out of bed this morning. I can’t wait for this to go away.

Sunday I played more D&D with my cleric-group, then we rigged the backyard so that it was puppy proof and I went and picked Xoie up.. we played with her for a bit then gave her reign of the backyard and played way more Rock Band. Love that game haha! Then we went out to dinner, and played even more Rock Band and goofed off until it was time to go home.

Cause you know, pesky work thing and all.


Knitting, Wheeee!

So, I’ve been doing a lot of knitting lately. Nothing spectacular, since I’m just learning and all, but it’s been fun so far, except for the whole “having to buy yarn and needles in a million sizes” part… that kind of sucks heh. I have this scarf that I’ve been working on forEVER it seems, I think one day that will be done. I’m also working on these very basic wrist warmers. I just started knitting in the round, so I chose that pattern because it’s pretty easy. I’m going to make some nicer ones when I finish, though I must say… it’s really hard to motivate myself to knit the things when it’s 100 degrees outside haha.

So I found a few patterns that I am going to modify to fit Momoko, since I’ve got one of those coming in the mail. I made a top but I think it came out too wide. It’s hard to knit for something that isn’t right in front of you! Also, teeny tiny hats are hard.

I did finish this little Nano Warmer though! Heh. That yarn that I used is rather elastic-y so I needed to knit up something quick and easy to get used to the yarn. I just need to sew a button on it.

So! Any other knitters out there in my Blogosphere? Or crocheters? If you’re on Ravelry, add me to your friends!


Queen of Last Minute Preps

So yesterday at lunch I went to the makeup store with Tom to pick up stuff for our costumes. We got a bunch of stuff for him and crew (.. they’re going to be Dead Amish School Girls.. wrong on so many levels, but it’s gonna be great) and ears/nose for me.

Then after work I spent WAY too much money on makeup, tulle, and other stuff for said costume.

OMG. It was the funniest thing at Joann’s Fabrics.. so I walk up to the cutting station with an armful of tulle and a pattern for 3 year olds and said “Ok, this says that if you’re 4 years old, you need 2 1/2 yards each of the tulle. Well.. I seem to be 21, I need enough tulle to make this skirt for me. And she looks at the pattern and looks at me and goes, “.. what are you expecting, a miracle?” And I go “… *GASP* Are you saying I’m FAT?!” (… ok anybody that has ever seen me knows that I am anything but fat) and the lady turns so red her nose turns white and goes “No no no no!!  I um.. you’re a lot taller? than a 4 year old!” Nice save lady. I don’t think she realized that most people would have had a hard time keeping a straight face during all that. It was awesome. I mean, it’s one thing for that situation to happen with a person who really IS fat, but from a skinny person? Man she was confused and embarrassed!

Anyway my skirt DID work, albeit we didn’t read the directions so we did it the hard way, then accidentally caught one of the pieces while we were sewing so I have a big puff to the left of my butt. Ah well.

Today I went and got a hair cut and when Jeff wakes up he’s gonna help me dye it. I’m not allowed to spend any more money for a month, omg.

Gas is back on at the house.

And speaking of sleep, I need a nap.

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