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Aaah, What A Weekend!

Long weekends are the best invention ever, mmmmhmmm!

After I got off work on Thursday (at 6 fricken 30 I might add, grumble) I did a mad dash over to my D&D game. I’m a dwarf cleric in that game and pretty much rock, for the record :D We played that for a couple hours and had dinner and it was fun. Then… we busted out ROCK BAND! Wooooo! That game is ridiculously fun, OMG. I started off playing guitar, and we had to keep switching roles after a few songs cause everybody we had singing kept failing. So then they took my guitar and handed me the mic, and apparently I’m really good at being the singer, so now… I sing! We made a band called Whiteboard Hoppopotamus (default names FTW!) and rocked out until like, 3 in the morning when we got too tired to keep our eyes open.

Friday I hung out with Xoie for the morning then went to a BBQ thing and ate lots of yummy food and drank way more mojitos than I probably needed and as such, was unable to make it to my Friday night D&D game (I’m a tiefling rogue in that one, and I think I’m awesome but haven’t gotten much chance to find out just yet). But, I got to blow things up and that was fun, too.

Saturday I cleaned like crazy. My bedroom is about 96% organized! My closet it spotless! I still need to do the bathroom and bring the rest of my stuff up from the garage, but I think I’m almost done. Exciting! Wooo! Then I went to a half-birthday party which was also way fun.

I got a nasty charlie horse in my right calf in the middle of the night. It was terrible! Nothing quite like waking up with your leg muscle clenched, causing some major ouch-ness. Stretching it out HURT. My leg has been sore since then. Walking hurts and I practically fell over getting up out of bed this morning. I can’t wait for this to go away.

Sunday I played more D&D with my cleric-group, then we rigged the backyard so that it was puppy proof and I went and picked Xoie up.. we played with her for a bit then gave her reign of the backyard and played way more Rock Band. Love that game haha! Then we went out to dinner, and played even more Rock Band and goofed off until it was time to go home.

Cause you know, pesky work thing and all.


  1. yoshi
    yoshi Jul 7, 2008

    damn, you’re playing 2 campaigns? you’re daring!

    rock band does sound like fun. but i’m wanting to get the wii fit one of these days lol

  2. Wes
    Wes Jul 7, 2008

    You missed some awesome kobold smashing on Friday.

  3. Katili
    Katili Jul 7, 2008

    @yoshi: Yes, I am all hardcore like that hehe :) 4th ed is really fun.

    @Wes: I am sad that I did not get to stab some kobolds in the back :(

  4. yoshi
    yoshi Jul 7, 2008

    so what makes 4th edition any better? did they totally change everything? LOL I don’t think it matters what edition you’re playing, the DM is the one that really matters.

  5. Katili
    Katili Jul 7, 2008

    They changed a lot of things… it’s a little more simplified now, which i really like. Some of the older editions just had WAAAAY too many rules and things to consider anytime you wanted to do anything. I feel like I spent too much time looking stuff up before. I will give you that the DM is a HUGE factor, but the edition does make a difference as well.

  6. Livingdead
    Livingdead Jul 7, 2008

    Wait, what? Clerics can stab stuff now? (hawt)women playing D&D;? Holy hell, is it raining cats and dogs? NO love for THAC0? 

    I’m so confused. Also, hi. I’m a (relatively)new reader.

  7. Livingdead
    Livingdead Jul 7, 2008

    Ohhhh wait. different campaign. I can has reading skillz?

  8. yoshi
    yoshi Jul 7, 2008

    yeah the dm is a big factor. I had a campaign where we never used dice. it was a speed campaign, and we all just got immersed in the story, and honestly, I think it was the best campaign i’ve ever ran. It was so popular that people were talking and planning outside of the actual playing time. I loved it.

    I think too that it might be the first campaign where I had 2 or 3 or even 4 different factions within the players. It made playing a little difficult and instead of passing notes constantly (lol), i just finally decided to do each faction separately. LOL Ah, those were the fun days.

  9. Colin B.
    Colin B. Jul 10, 2008

    D&D;? OMG, you’re so hot right now! I wish I had as much fun last weekend as you did. Mine was pretty quiet.

  10. yoshi
    yoshi Jul 10, 2008

    Yeah i wish you lived just a little closer than portland. then we could probably play D&D;together. that would be fun.

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