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Category: Blogathon

42 – Tragedy Diverted!

You may remember me mentioning a minor tragedy that had befallen me.

Well. The tragedy is no more! Sonia located my other earring and they are both safely back in my ears :D

I was actually kind of surprised at the fact that I had to work to get them back in, and they’d only been out about 20 hours. I would have liked to put a little Vaseline on them but I don’t have any, so I cleaned them with rubbing alchohol and that was that.

Yay earrings! I need to go buy new backs for them I guess.

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41 – I Forgot What I Was Going To Say

I know I had an entry all planned out in my head but now that I was almost ready to post it, the connectors in my brain are like, “Hey, we should be sleeping right now, I forgot!” WHATEVER BRAIN! *useless*

So. I’m now listening to Bad 80’s Music. “There was a lot of it”.
The global tags have not let me down.
…. oh god. please shoot me. I now have Our House stuck in my head.

Me and Sonia are getting tired now. MEEEP.

Running through, cheering on my monitorees.. this is the part where it gets hard, the home stretch.. we’re close though, keep blogging!!!!11

…. ok and since I’m almost famous today….
“HI MOM!!!!!”


40 – Levantate! My Mom is Dying!

(No she’s not, and I’m not picking on her. That’s the direct George Lopez quote! Sheesh.)

George Lopez.. he’s the funniest guy ever. I think it’s because I know what he’s talking about with a lot of his routine things.

My favorite: “Basically, this is my grill..”

I grew up right next to a park. We liked to have birthday parties and family reunions and the such there. Well. Nobody ever wanted to pay however much it was you had to pay to keep tables and a bbq pit open. They were first come first serve if there were no reservations.

… I recall spending a lot of time sitting on the counter watching the grill :p

Put a lemon on it.

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So me and Sonia just made some hot dogs, and I was picking chips, and I found Doritos. See last entry for detail.

Making hot dogs was an adventure. We had our buns ready and were all set to put the hot dogs in them when I realized that I didn’t have a fork to stab them with. So I used a paring knife.. didn’t work. So Sonia dives in with a spoon…

“… since when is making hot dogs so complicated?!”
“… since WE made them!”

We’re awesome

George Lopez post coming next.


38 – Random Quotes Grabbed From Chat

reallylovin: supermodels aren’t human
reallylovin: i swear they live on cigarettes and air

iaskedalice09: 6:30 AM I’m hopping outside and scaring paper boy
iaskedalice09: Hi, Paperboy! I’ve been up for more than twenty hours!

littlebreakdowns: I fear I’ve turned into a bad monitorf
kweeeeeeeee: lol Monitorf. That sounds like a cute word.
kweeeeeeeee: Then again, at 2am, EVERYTHING sounds cute.
littlebreakdowns: hehe
littlebreakdowns: true
kweeeeeeeee: I AM MONITORF.
kweeeeeeeee: FEED ME DORITOS.

RunRubyRose: why do i smell bad?
prana11679: I dunno. You aren’t the only one to notice that just sitting for 24 hours makes you stinky. I’ve already taken one shower and I’ll likely take another.
prana11679: Someone else just posted about the same thing. It is the mystery that is Thon
[ let the records show that I happen to smell like peppermint. ]

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