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Month: July 2006

Site Stats

Hahaha. Check out the last 10 days of site hits:

Day   Hits
20 1974
21 2891
22 2028
23 1703
24 1941
25 2104
26 2423
27 3414
28 2961
29 8807 < —- Blogathon like, quadrupled my normal visits!
30 6213

I hope to keep some of the extra readership

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49 – FOR THE WIN!!!!

This is it! I made it!

I’m going to write this, then take Vinz out to potty, then SLEEEP at long last!

I’d like to first off, thank all my sponsors. I’m pleased as punch to have exceeded my goal. I can sit here and blog for 24 hours, but it doesn’t mean a thing without my sponsors. So, thank you!

I’d also like to thank everybody that stopped by and commented. All the comments were like words of encouragement, and I appreciate it!

I’m quite surprised at how much harder 24 hours of blogging is than I thought it would be. My brain is just like.. NOT THERE hahahaha. That said, I do think I’ll be participating again next year.

I also met a lot of cool people that I’d like to keep in touch with outside of the ‘thon.

Here’s to charities, and bloggers! *cheers*


*passes out*


48 – I Still Need To Unpack

I’m looking around my room and surveying the messiness of it. My eyes just hit my suitcase.

Oh yeah, I should unpack huh?

Sleep soon. Then I have to eventually get up and clean some, and do laundry. But that’s all in a far, far away place.

Is it normal to not unpack for like, 5 days?


47 – Anna Banana Sherbert

A recipe even the Katie’s of the world can handle (ie: those that cannot cook!), it’s really tasty.

Anna-Banana Sherbert
1 Quart or 6 Large Servings
4 very ripe bananas2 cups evaporated milk
2 lemons2 cups whole milk
2 cups sugar
1. Mash the bananas with a fork.
2. Squeeze juice from lemons and strain to remove seeds.
3. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
4. Pour into a shallow container and freeze.

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46 – Srsly