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38 – Random Quotes Grabbed From Chat

reallylovin: supermodels aren’t human
reallylovin: i swear they live on cigarettes and air

iaskedalice09: 6:30 AM I’m hopping outside and scaring paper boy
iaskedalice09: Hi, Paperboy! I’ve been up for more than twenty hours!

littlebreakdowns: I fear I’ve turned into a bad monitorf
kweeeeeeeee: lol Monitorf. That sounds like a cute word.
kweeeeeeeee: Then again, at 2am, EVERYTHING sounds cute.
littlebreakdowns: hehe
littlebreakdowns: true
kweeeeeeeee: I AM MONITORF.
kweeeeeeeee: FEED ME DORITOS.

RunRubyRose: why do i smell bad?
prana11679: I dunno. You aren’t the only one to notice that just sitting for 24 hours makes you stinky. I’ve already taken one shower and I’ll likely take another.
prana11679: Someone else just posted about the same thing. It is the mystery that is Thon
[ let the records show that I happen to smell like peppermint. ]

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  1. soniaiskewl
    soniaiskewl Jul 29, 2006

    ROFL! these quotes kick ass!  :D

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