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41 – I Forgot What I Was Going To Say

I know I had an entry all planned out in my head but now that I was almost ready to post it, the connectors in my brain are like, “Hey, we should be sleeping right now, I forgot!” WHATEVER BRAIN! *useless*

So. I’m now listening to Bad 80’s Music. “There was a lot of it”.
The global tags have not let me down.
…. oh god. please shoot me. I now have Our House stuck in my head.

Me and Sonia are getting tired now. MEEEP.

Running through, cheering on my monitorees.. this is the part where it gets hard, the home stretch.. we’re close though, keep blogging!!!!11

…. ok and since I’m almost famous today….
“HI MOM!!!!!”


  1. Jules
    Jules Jul 30, 2006

    Our house, in the middle of our street…

    I worked on a remix of that with Virgo a few months ago .

  2. Katie's Momma
    Katie's Momma Jul 30, 2006

    Hi Honey!

    Somewhere I’m sure I still have the little leggings I made for you.  Oh, and you were a huge Depeche Mode fan at 2.

    OMG..more pics to find lol

  3. soniaiskewl
    soniaiskewl Jul 30, 2006

    how CUTE!!! must see those pictures!

  4. Katili
    Katili Jul 30, 2006

    Oddly enough I’ve been listening to Depeche Mode at work!

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