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It’s Snowing. This Is The Best Thing That’s Happened In Days…

I don’t even really like snow. I’ve just had a bad couple of days.

I had Friday off, which one would think would be a good day… not so much.

I started the day by having a dream that I was at my Grandma’s house and we were having the family Christmas party, and nobody showed up. My first thought upon waking up was “…well that sucks. My family is supposed to love me and want to see me damn it!” It only went downhill from there.

I went to Home Depot to pick up a light bulb for my light fixture (I have the Fuga light from IKEA) and the stupid things are $7 each. I bought two so I could replace the dead one and have a spare for next time one dies. After that I went back home to play with Xoie but she wasn’t interested in me and only wanted to chew on her bone. Whatever dog.

I worked a little bit on a project I’m doing, then decided that I needed some shots of Downtown.. so I took a shower, put my dog in her room, and walked to the MAX stop. It started raining 2 minutes after I left my house and was pouring by the time I got off the train in Portland. So I couldn’t pull my camera out.. walked down to Eat Pizza and had some food and killed some time because Pod wasn’t gonna be off work for a little bit. Hopped on the MAX and headed over there, then couldn’t remember what floor he worked on.

Tried calling but he didn’t answer so I started wandering around the building. It’s fairly small and has lots of locked doors, so I didn’t get lost per say… but I did manage to find the only door to the stairwell that opens on my first try, only to find that the doors from that side are locked. I started panicking and each door I tried that was locked made the stairwell feel smaller. It really, really sucked. Sent a text to Pod telling him I was gonna die in the staircase then finally located an unlocked exit. It was scary :(

So then when it was time for us to leave, we got on the MAX, and then there was an announcement saying they were going to delay the train… and then security walked up to me and asked me to get off the train. My eyes got all big and round and Pod was like “uhhhmmm…” and the security guy was like, “are you with her?” “yeah” “okay why don’t you step off too…” and so we got rained on while they figured out that I was not whoever they were looking for, and they let us back on the train, and everybody was staring at us.

So then I was all cold and wet and cranky and my hot chocolate didn’t come with whipped cream. Bleah.

I guess yesterday was sort of mostly okay except I had to work and I got in a fight with Pod and then I had to work today.

But hey, it’s snowing. I threw a snowball at my friend Sam and haven’t fallen on my ass yet so I guess it’s okay.


Trip to the Coast

I went to the Oregon coast this weekend with my Portland Adopted Family! It was a pretty spur of the moment trip, where we decided to go on Wednesday and left Friday. We were planning on camping, but all the campsites were full. We did manage to get a pretty sweet deal on a nice suite right on the beach though! This picture here was taken from my balcony. We went to Newport, and it was a beautiful weekend! There are some photos on my Flickr, but I haven’t gone through all of them yet. Expect more up in the next few days.

Anywho, we got there Friday night just in time to watch the sun set. Then we got all comfy and drank a bottle of wine and explored the area near our room. The puppies were running around like maniacs. There wasn’t really much to do at that point, since things were closed and it was dark and stuff.

Saturday we got an early start and took the puppies down to the ocean and walked along there. Xoie was not at all into the ocean this time but the sand didn’t seem to bother her. After that we ordered room service breakfast (just because we could!) and headed to the Historic Bayfront area and walked the dogs through there. We’d leave one or two people outside with the dogs whenever somebody wanted to go into a shop. Then we went to the Newport Aquarium which was pretty cool, but not as good as the Seattle Aquarium. After that we went and had lunch at the Rogue Brewery, which was the actual excuse for the trip to the coast. I wanted to go to the brewery for my birthday. So, I had some good beer and a decent meal (my pulled pork sandwich would have been amazing if it had 3x more meat and 5x more sauce) and a great dessert and it was nice. Then we headed back to the hotel for an afternoon siesta and trip to the swimming pool. THEN (… yeah we had a really long day hehe) we went back to the Bayfront and went to Mo’s for dinner. OMG. Can I just say… YUM!!!! Seriously. Yum. I don’t even really like clam chowder and this stuff was awesome! It’s world famous and stuff. Anyway, after dinner we walked the dogs around some more and went back to the hotel because we were pretty tuckered out.

Sunday morning saw more beach walking and some frisbee playing, as well as cereal and coffee. Then we got all packed up and drove along the coast stopping at the attractions like the Devil’s Punchbowl (which was not that full when we got there) and the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse (which is haunted, but I didn’t see the ghost). I have pictures from both of those that will be up eventually. Anyway then we went back to Mo’s for a light lunch and headed back to Beaverton.

We did stop at the Tanger Outlet Mall in Lincoln City though. I bought my mom’s birthday gift while I was there! I can’t say what it is because she reads my blog, but I am totally winning the Daughter of the Year award with this one :D

So yeah, it was a great weekend! I got home and did laundry and played with Xoie. She’s suddenly really clingy though, and I’m not sure why. She just sits on my feet and cries when she can’t see me.. it’s really sad. Hopefully she gets back out of this phase soon, cause she’s usually really independent.

That’s all for now!

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Aaah, What A Weekend!

Long weekends are the best invention ever, mmmmhmmm!

After I got off work on Thursday (at 6 fricken 30 I might add, grumble) I did a mad dash over to my D&D game. I’m a dwarf cleric in that game and pretty much rock, for the record :D We played that for a couple hours and had dinner and it was fun. Then… we busted out ROCK BAND! Wooooo! That game is ridiculously fun, OMG. I started off playing guitar, and we had to keep switching roles after a few songs cause everybody we had singing kept failing. So then they took my guitar and handed me the mic, and apparently I’m really good at being the singer, so now… I sing! We made a band called Whiteboard Hoppopotamus (default names FTW!) and rocked out until like, 3 in the morning when we got too tired to keep our eyes open.

Friday I hung out with Xoie for the morning then went to a BBQ thing and ate lots of yummy food and drank way more mojitos than I probably needed and as such, was unable to make it to my Friday night D&D game (I’m a tiefling rogue in that one, and I think I’m awesome but haven’t gotten much chance to find out just yet). But, I got to blow things up and that was fun, too.

Saturday I cleaned like crazy. My bedroom is about 96% organized! My closet it spotless! I still need to do the bathroom and bring the rest of my stuff up from the garage, but I think I’m almost done. Exciting! Wooo! Then I went to a half-birthday party which was also way fun.

I got a nasty charlie horse in my right calf in the middle of the night. It was terrible! Nothing quite like waking up with your leg muscle clenched, causing some major ouch-ness. Stretching it out HURT. My leg has been sore since then. Walking hurts and I practically fell over getting up out of bed this morning. I can’t wait for this to go away.

Sunday I played more D&D with my cleric-group, then we rigged the backyard so that it was puppy proof and I went and picked Xoie up.. we played with her for a bit then gave her reign of the backyard and played way more Rock Band. Love that game haha! Then we went out to dinner, and played even more Rock Band and goofed off until it was time to go home.

Cause you know, pesky work thing and all.


Xoie at the Beach

Xoie had her first exposure to the beach yesterday! It was adorable.

She was all excited about the sand first off and was leaping everywhere through it. Then she was trying to chase the ocean… that is, until she realized it was moving towards her, then her reaction was, “RETREAT!!!!!!!!” teehehehehehe. Aw man, then she was trying to eat seaweed, the weirdo.

Also, looking for Haystack Rock was hilarious. “I know it’s around here somewhere… it’s a giant fucking rock in the ocean!” “Oh look, there it is!”

I want to take her again during the day, and take some pictures.

That is all for now. Don’t forget, Pointless Drivel Live tonight at 4 pacific time! See you all there


Taxes and Alchoholic Orange Juliuses

Happy Tax Day people. Mwahaha. I hope you all got your stuff done I finally sent in my Oregon taxes yesterday (they wanted money from me so I put it off for a while haha). Anyway yeah taxes suck.

So last night we had alcoholic Orange Juliuses. Have you ever bought a bottle of rum, and then gone to the house that you’re all hanging out at, only to realize that nobody remembered to bring the Coke? Yeah, that was totally us last night. So the only thing in the fridge at my friends house were a couple cans of this sparkling orange flavored… stuff? Damned if I know what it was but it was a pretty good mixer. Our drinks were rum filled melted orange juliuses. Good times! :D

Hrm. What else to blog about… well, I’m moving this weekend. Puppy is a spaz. Work is fun, but people are stupid. That’s about it.

Oh, I also made like, an invite only blog on Blogger for posting about things that are fun but that I don’t need the whole wide internet to know about. If you want access (and think that it’s possible that I’d let you read it lol [if I talk to you I’ll probably let you in]) leave a comment here saying that you want access and I’ll hook you up with an invite email *nods* Gmail acct if possible, I think it works better that way. I’m way too lazy to go track down all your email addresses. I plan on posting about last weekends shenanigans (those of you that follow my Twitter might be curious) some time soon! Yay!

That is all. I will try not to be so sparse and update more often but I make no promises.