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Category: Photos

January in (photographic) Review

Here’s a visual of what January looked like for me. If it seems like there’s a lot of pictures of food.. well, I eat every day, so there :)


Clicking the image will show you the thumbnails a little larger, clicking the title of an image below will take you to the Flickr page where you can see the whole image and caption and all that jazz.

1. 001-Werewolf and Vodka, 2. 002-Mousepad and Mouse, 3. 003-Outside, 4. 004-Nail Polish, 5. 005-Cable Macro.jpg, 6. 006-Ashton and Jezebel, 7. 007-Rainbow Yarn Pile, 8. 008-Panicked Chicken (and a sign), 9. 009-Grey Single.jpg, 10. 010-Garlic and Basil.jpg, 11. 011-Kitchen Sailing, 12. 012-Shifting Ramona, 13. 013-Beef Bowl, 14. 014-Happy Birthday, Grandma!, 15. 015-China Flowers, 16. 016-Keys, 17. 017-Quesadilla, 18. 018-Sammich and Salad, 19. 019-Sausage and Pancakes, 20. 020-Sooshi, 21. 021-Flowers, 22. 022-Men in Black, 23. 023-Mt Shasta, 24. 024-Success!!, 25. 025-Blazin’, 26. 026-Dry Ingrediants for Banana Bread.jpg, 27. 027-Banana Nut Bread.jpg, 28. 028-Jessica the Hat Model, 29. 029-Kinect, 30. 030-Pleco, 31. 031-Zucchini Carrot Spice Bread

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Some Awesome Pictures

Strangely, I have nothing to say today. So, I will end the weekend with some Flickr photos that I really like (by other people). I may make this a weekly thing, Sunday is usually pretty mellow for me, but we’ll see. In the meantime, enjoy these photos.

1. L1003704.jpg, 2. sayonara scumbags, 3. October 2, 4. Cocedores, 5. Deus Ex Machina, 6. Beads. {explored}, 7. natural sparkling droplets, 8. Chocolate Filled Blackberry Soufflés, 9. Lighthouse trail, 10. 8077, 11. a moment of sweet life, 12. Caramel Apples, 13. Mohican Love

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Oh Hai.

Yes yes, I’ve been MIA for a little while. *shrug* Real life and all.

So… update. Hmmmmmmmmm. Well.. I was in LA for a few days for a family emergency, my car broke down on the way back and cost $1000 to fix, the Xoie is being a booger face but I love her anyway, I’ve been playing lots of Rock Band and some D&D, I found myself a cute boy who, thus far, has proven himself to be a genuinely nice guy, I got an iPod touch that is currently glued to my hands, and… you know, stuff.

I refuse to apologize for not blogging more often, and I never understood people who made posts about thinking about closing their blogs. In case anybody hasn’t noticed… if I don’t feel like blogging, I just don’t blog. But, I am still alive. Just in case anybody was wondering.

Oh yeah, and today, one of my pictures made it into Explore on Flickr. This is only my 3rd one to ever be in there. Behold!

I Think We Killed Her – (aka I Think I Might Be A Cylon, aka 073)




I have seen the light and I am never going back.

Let’s briefly talk about what they both are. I’m sure you have an idea but I’m gonna throw it out there anyway. The RAW format is not really standardized, but in a nutshell, it’s minimally processed data from an image sensor, such as the one in a camera. It’s something like a digital photo negative… it contains the information needed to make an image. Then there’s a JPEG, which is more like the final printed picture. It’s an image that you can look at. A final product, persay.

Many cameras (well, maybe not the point-and-shoots so much, but most of the digital SLRs) give you the option to shoot in JPEG, RAW, or both in some cases. I admit, I shot in JPEG for a long time. But for people that edit their photos (much like how film photographers used different methods when developing their film for different effects), RAW is the way to go. Allow me to show you some visual examples.

Here’s a flower photo I took today.

click for larger

It’s a decent picture, but a little boring and the colors don’t look nearly as vibrant or natural as they actually are. So, I spruced up the RAW file a bit.

click for larger

Now that’s better. Yay better! But, just for curiosity’s sake.. let’s see what happens if I apply the same exact changes to a JPEG version of the original image that I applied to the RAW version of it.

click for larger

Yes. Not so good, right? That’s because RAW files store more information than a JPEG. The RAW file doesn’t have a set white balance, and it hasn’t had saturation or contrast levels forced on it, or anything like that, so it can be changed in ways that a JPEG can’t, because the JPEG only kept the information that was visible at the time, instead of the information that could have been used to make adjustments. RAW is also 16 bit data as opposed to 8 bit, so it has 65,536 levels to work with instead of just 256 like the JPEG. It’s a little hard to explain what the difference is between the information.. but basically, there are not nearly as many things set in stone in a RAW file, so you have more control over the editing.

Another good example is in how you can edit the exposure. Today when I was out shooting, I had forgotten to adjust the manual settings on my camera when I went outside after shooting inside. This, of course, led to a painfully over exposed picture. Had I only been shooting in JPEG, the image would have been ruined forever, because you just can’t turn a white blur into something that makes sense. The RAW image however, stored more information about what the image looked like before it crossed the line to overexposed. So I was able to pop the image into Lightroom and turn the exposure down to rescue it. Allow me to show you what happened when I took the overexposed image and edited the RAW, and the JPEG versions of it.


click for larger

So as you can see, there are many benefits to shooting in RAW. The only downside is that they take longer to write, and they are large files. They also require special software to read them. Lightroom is a great program for it. If you don’t do any post-processing on your photos, then it won’t be worth it to shoot in RAW. But if you do… try it out. I think you’ll like the amount of control you get with a RAW file over the JPEG.



So, I got this really nifty Diana+ for Christmas from Tom. I finally got my first roll of film I shot with it back! Boy, it’s an interesting learning curve haha. Only 4 of 12 shots came out presentable. And then I realized I forgot to ask them to scan the negatives, so when I tried to scan the prints, they don’t look nearly as good as the prints. The real ones are so much softer and more dreamy looking. Damn you scanner.

Anyway without further adieu, I present the 4 presentable shots.

1. Burgerville, 2. Oh Look, It’s Me Again, 3. Multiple Exposures, 4. Office Corner

Hopefully I have better luck with the second roll. Learning curve. Except I’m not using the same type of film lol so it’s a whole new ballgame.