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January in (photographic) Review

Here’s a visual of what January looked like for me. If it seems like there’s a lot of pictures of food.. well, I eat every day, so there :)


Clicking the image will show you the thumbnails a little larger, clicking the title of an image below will take you to the Flickr page where you can see the whole image and caption and all that jazz.

1. 001-Werewolf and Vodka, 2. 002-Mousepad and Mouse, 3. 003-Outside, 4. 004-Nail Polish, 5. 005-Cable Macro.jpg, 6. 006-Ashton and Jezebel, 7. 007-Rainbow Yarn Pile, 8. 008-Panicked Chicken (and a sign), 9. 009-Grey Single.jpg, 10. 010-Garlic and Basil.jpg, 11. 011-Kitchen Sailing, 12. 012-Shifting Ramona, 13. 013-Beef Bowl, 14. 014-Happy Birthday, Grandma!, 15. 015-China Flowers, 16. 016-Keys, 17. 017-Quesadilla, 18. 018-Sammich and Salad, 19. 019-Sausage and Pancakes, 20. 020-Sooshi, 21. 021-Flowers, 22. 022-Men in Black, 23. 023-Mt Shasta, 24. 024-Success!!, 25. 025-Blazin’, 26. 026-Dry Ingrediants for Banana Bread.jpg, 27. 027-Banana Nut Bread.jpg, 28. 028-Jessica the Hat Model, 29. 029-Kinect, 30. 030-Pleco, 31. 031-Zucchini Carrot Spice Bread