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I Dyed Mah Hurr, woo!

Ahhh, I feel so much better now. After over a year, I finally got to dye my hair something FUN. Some of you may recall last year how bummed I was that I had to dye it a solid, normal color for my job when I was moving… well, now I have a new job, and I can do whatever I want with my hair (I could get more piercings too if I felt so inclined [read: if I had more money haha]) so… I dyed it. I FINALLY GOT THAT SHADE OF PINK. You know the one.. the one I tried oh so many times to get. I’m excited.

Without further adieu: I present you with! Bad photos of my new hair. I may put new ones on my Flickr soonish, keep an eye out.

Before (boring!!):

Boring Hair

After (yay!!):


Yaaaaaay hair!

In other news… uhm…. ok actually I forgot what else I wanted to post about. Oh well.


  1. Colin B.
    Colin B. May 12, 2008

    Woo! I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT! And it was perfect before too. Do you always have awesome hair?

  2. Mr. Fabulous
    Mr. Fabulous May 12, 2008

    I am thinking about having my pubic hair colored in just about that same shade.

  3. yoshi
    yoshi May 12, 2008

    Ooh i love it! that is an awesome shade! totally perfect.

  4. sir jorge
    sir jorge May 12, 2008

    nice, nice indeed

  5. yoshi
    yoshi May 13, 2008

    LOL @ mr. fab btw. and I just wanted to point out in the before pic you really looked unenthused and was hating on your hair color. LOL

  6. cybrpunk
    cybrpunk May 13, 2008

    Very nice.  Did you do it yourself?

  7. Katili
    Katili May 16, 2008

    @colinbrooks: I like to think so ;)

    @Mr Fab: I hate you lol.

    @yoshi: Thanks! I love it too! Best.Pink.Ever! Also, plz don’t encourage Fab :p

    @jorge: thank you much!

    @cybrpunk: my friend Jessica did the pink for me (well, she bleached it first, then did the pink) and I went to SuperCuts for the black, because last time I tried to go from something blonde-ish to black by myself, my hair turned blue. From here though i can do the maintainance on my own.

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