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So I might have whined before about how there’s really nowhere to do kickboxing in this state, and that the brazilian ju-jitsu class doesn’t cooperate with my schedule. I might have also already whined about how I’ve been gaining weight since I moved because I’ve gotten incredibly lazy and move even less than I used to. I mean, my metabolism can only do so much for me. Maybe I also mentioned that I can’t just get on a treadmill and run, or hop on an eliptical machine because those things are the devil. I need something much more interactive.

So today… I decided… DANCING! It’s a good way to get in shape and when I used to do it, I had a lot of fun with it. So I’m gonna start looking into places to do that. I’ll try to convince Tom to come with me. I think the only argument that will stand a chance is, “ok fine don’t go, I’ll just have to find a cute dance partner then” hehe.

I think it could be fun. Even though I’m like, totally uncoordinated and a major klutzoid. Oh boy.