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Move Move Move

Sha la la. We are moved!

I’m stealing someones wireless, we’ll see how long it stays up hehe.

Went to IKEA today and they were sold out of every single piece of furniture I wanted except the TV stand. I’m so sad. But my bathroom is done, and my kitchen is done (Tom’s dad and stepmom bought us a glass set, a 48 piece silverware set, and a set of pots and pans, AND helped us move, they rock!!) and the living room is mostly done… we haven’t even started the bedroom yet.

My body hurts so much. I am so tired. Tom worked like 3 times as hard as me, I don’t know how he’s not like, dead.

Oh, I know. Cause we bought a Wii and he couldn’t be playing it right now if he was dead haha.
Well. I’M going to bed. I am so happy I took tomorrow off, I can’t even imagine trying to get up and go to work tomorrow.


  1. Tommy Lifedrum
    Tommy Lifedrum Sep 10, 2007

    Moving sucks.  Being moved in is anti-suck (not to be confused with blows).  Being moved in, having your kitchen set up, new dish/silverware, and a new Wii…  that’s fan-fucking-tastick. 

    WTG and gratz friend Katie and friend of friend Katie :)

  2. Chris
    Chris Sep 12, 2007

    Gotta love unsecured wireless…and Ikea!

  3. Aimée
    Aimée Sep 12, 2007

    Oh, IKEA… How I love you so… too bad they didn’t have your furniture, though. :( Are you just waiting for them to get another shipment in?

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