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2 More Observations

1. Calling people is hard. Like… back in LA if I was calling someone in the same area code as me, I just dialed the 7 numbers. Here, I sometimes have to dial 503 first? WEIRD! It took me 3 tries to make my first phone call out from work haha.

2. If it’s really cold in the morning, the condensation on your window turns to ice. Freaky huh?

A real update will come soon.


  1. Uisce
    Uisce Mar 16, 2007

    our work phones make us dial the area code, too.  at home we can dial just the 7 digits.

  2. yoshi
    yoshi Mar 16, 2007

    Hehe, it’s always weird moving to a new area, especially a new area code or state. :) You get used to it eventually.

    Yes, the ice is fun!

    But today is a great day!

  3. Lifedrum
    Lifedrum Mar 18, 2007

    Well… at least now, if you place your margarita on your dashboard on your way home from the bar at night and forget about it, you’ll have a cool refreshing beverage the following morning. :angel:

  4. Cazzie
    Cazzie Mar 18, 2007

    Pictures of the second point would be nice I reckon :)

  5. Mr. Fabulous
    Mr. Fabulous Mar 19, 2007

    Um…yeah, those phones should really come with instructions :)

  6. Jess
    Jess Mar 19, 2007

    Our phone company switched over the the 10-digit dialing thing for local calls about six months ago. I still screw it up about 50% of the time. :glare:

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