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LG Dare

So, my contract with T-Mobile just ended, and I switched over to Verizon.

Blackberry’s are a bit spendier on every other carrier, so I decided I wasn’t going to get one this time. I am testing The BlackBerry Theory (“once you go BlackBerry, you never go back”). I gotta say… I miss it already. But, that’s not what this entry is about.

I got an LG Dare, and so far, I have to say… I am not at all impressed. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been spoiled. But the point is…. I’m not impressed.

Section One: The Touch Screen
I’ve been spoiled by competent touch screen technology. The boyfriend has an iPhone that I play with from time to time, and I’ve got an iPod touch that I regularly access the internet and type on. I barely have to touch it to get it to register my keys. On the Dare… not so much. It’s slowed down my typing speed considerably to have to go back and hitting keys that it didn’t register that I hit.

Dragging leaves a bit to be desired as well. More often than not, the phone things I selected some option that is on the screen while I am trying to drag, instead of dragging. It’s a little counterproductive one may say.

Section Two: The Other Features
The “full feature” browser is a sad excuse for an HTML browser. I think I would have preferred a normal mobile browser, as navigating and using this one is a pain in the neck. Bah.

Uhm. So, I know there were other things I didn’t like about it but since I took the phone back a couple days ago, I’ve already forgotten about it. I started writing this on Friday and took the Dare back on Saturday.

I traded it in for a Voyager, and oddly enough, the Voyager (which has a full QWERTY keyboard on the inside) has a more responsive touch screen. The browser still sucks, but I like this phone a lot better.

Though, I just saw that RIM put out a touchscreen BlackBerry, and omg, I want it.


Cell Phones and Driving

OH.MY.GOD. I am so tired of almost getting killed by people who are on their cell phones and not paying attention to what they’re doing.

Last night, some dude in an ugly beat up red Ford pickup was in front of me, chatting away on his cell phone. So, annoyance one: when the light turned green he didn’t notice until I politely honked at him. No real problem there, just a “rawr, move” feeling. So then he turns and I get in the lane next to him cause I don’t want to drive behind him too long. So we’re driving along, him in the left lane, me in the right lane… THEN HE TRIED TO CHANGE LANES, RIGHT ON TOP OF ME. Yes, that’s right folks, he was too busy talking to turn his head to the right to make sure that there’s nobody there. So, I hit the brakes and lay on the horn, and the bugger STILL doesn’t turn around. Nothing. No flinch, no “I’m sorry I almost smushed you” wave, he just keeps on changing lanes like nothing happened. GRRR.

A couple weeks ago I almost got hit by a lady who ran a red light while she was chatting on her phone. Yeah. I mean, not only was her light red, but there were cars in the intersection!! How oblivious do you have to be to not notice that?! Srsly.

Ok, so I do admit to occasionally gabbing on my phone while I’m driving… but when I do that, I pay MORE attention than normal to my driving. I’ve never run a red light or stop sign because I was on the phone. I’ve never tried to change lanes on top of somebody already there. I don’t cut people off or try to smush myself in small places.

So, my beef isn’t really with people talking and driving… my beef is with people who DON’T PAY ATTENTION to what they are doing because they are on the phone. Though sometimes I wonder.. maybe these people are always terrible drivers. Who knows. All I know is that one day, the people like me who are actually able to talk on their phone while driving without being a hazard to other people will not be able to talk on the phone anymore. Damn the stupid people that ruined it for the rest of us!!

*rabble rabble*

So, tell me about the times people have tried to run you off the road, or stories about why you hate other drivers…


The Battle Rages On

LMAO. This Katie vs. T-Mobile thing is becoming an epic saga.

So as we know, my phone is not registering buttons properly and was calling people at 2 in the morning. This may be my fault in reality, but it’s really not…

I went to one of those “authorized t-mobile merchant” stands and showed them how my phone was acting. The lady takes the battery out and goes “… wow. That’s a refurbished phone hon.” and I go “… oh? Cause it’s supposed to be new.” And she goes, “yeah, see that sticker there that says ‘made in Mexico’? None of my phones have that, and they come directly from Blackberry corporate.” “I see.” So she calls up, and my IMEI number isn’t even registered haha. Apparently my phone doesn’t exist. Sweet!

So I come back to work and call t-mobile and tell them how my phone is acting. Then I tell them about the sticker, and how the corner of it is UNDER the sticker with the IMEI and all that stuff on it, and how I was supposed to have gotten a brand new phone.. “Ok, please send the phone to this address, call us back with the tracking number, we’ll credit you the cost of shipping and send you a new one.” “.. that’s it? OK!” *hangs up*

Omission is not lying.

Hopefully my phone doesn’t smell like eggnog chai latte on the inside.


I Hate Hold Music

You know you have a beautifully complex phone when you’re sitting on hold for tech support less than 24 hours after receiving the thing. I rock.

They better not tell me RTFM.

My MMS option is nowhere to be found, and I don’t have the options that I need to add people to my Blackberry Messenger Contacts, and uhm, I have a little note on the top of my phone that says “Data Connection Refused”.

Ok. So apparently I can’t send photo messages (or use the IM’s) without paying the extra $20/mo for the blackberry features. I love how nobody bothered to tell me that. On my old phone, IM’s and SMS and MMS messages were all part of my basic text message plan. And I have to keep my $10 text messaging package if I don’t want to be charged 25 cents each. How nice. *le sigh* But I suppose I can’t have such a nice phone without running all the available options. I’m gonna go to the poor house for my toys. I’m gonna have to put ads on the moblog and start a donation drive. KEEP KSF ONLINE!

I’m only slightly annoyed, cause I was eventually planning on getting those features.. but not yet! Maybe I should cancel my internets at home.