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Recuperating, la la la

Boy. What a weekend. When I came in to work today somebody was saying they wished it was Friday and I thought “… no way. I need this week to finish recovering!” Wheeeeeee.

Friday night me and Jeff went out really late cause he had to work. We went to The Sapphire (why do these types of places never have websites? srsly) cause that’s where my buddy from work works on the weekends. He got me a free drink, yay! It was a cute place. A little bit loud for normal conversation, but that is probably the point hehe. Afterward we talked with Ricky for a while, then went to have food cause I was le hungry. I love IHOP! :D

Then we had to get up early Saturday to take Vinz to training class. We just kind of had a review. Apparently my dog is training himself cause I haven’t worked with him at home as often as I should (I know, bad Katie :X) but he’s learning everything anyway. Cool. Now if only I could get him to mellow out a little lot.

Then after training I went with Hilary and Paula and Amber and we met some other dolly people at the Volk’s store which is a totally bad idea haha. I was good though and hardly spent any money at all unlike *ahem* some people ahahaha :D Google got us lost on the way there by telling us to get off the freeway on an exit that doesn’t even exist, wtf? Anyway, after Volk’s we all went to Mimi’s Cafe, which I totally do not recommend to anybody. The lemonade, and the brown bready-cakey thing that they brought out was good, but the food was sooooooo gross. Hilary actually sent hers back, that’s how bad it was, and I just kind of suffered through my caesar salad, because honestly, if you can’t make a decent caesar salad there is just no hope for any of your other food. Also, my blueberry muffin was insanely unimpressive.

So yes. After that we raced back to Hilary’s house so that Paula would not be too horribly late to babysitting and then me and Amber hung out there for awhile. Then I went home and I changed my clothes and did my makeup and stuck my emo-hat on my head because my hair was being uncooperative, and I totally forgot to take pictures for the day, oops.

Anyway then I stole Jeff’s car and drove a really really REALLY long way down Burbank Blvd (I honestly thought the 405 was a lot closer to my house than it is) and rolled in neutral down the freeway for awhile.. it’s great, the 405 is at enough of a downward angle that if you hit the gas until you hit 70, you can roll for MILES. Then I hit traffic and actually had to drive the rest of the way to Culver City. Went to my friends house, we went out with a bunch of his friends.. I had 1 AMF too many, bleh. Was in no condition to really walk, let alone drive my butt home so I had to crash there.

Got up in the morning, walked to the car… the tire I told Jeff needed to be replaced weeks ago is totally wasted. Flat as can be. No hopes of fixing it. Jeremy tried to change it but apparently the car takes a special key to get the tire off and I didn’t have it. So AAA came and informed me that I wasn’t going to be able to drive that far on a donut anyway. They offered to take me someplace that could get the tire off and sell me a new one and I was like “Pffft. I’m not saving Jeff the trouble of getting a new tire. Tow it home please, he can deal with it.” I was annoyed because EVERY TIME I tell Jeff he needs to do something and he doesn’t do it, it’s ME that has to deal with the fallout. My AAA covers me for 3 tows up to 100 miles so I took advantage of that. The tow truck left the car half a block up from the house and I have no idea what Jeff is going to do about it.

So that was a life experience, I’d never been towed before. I probably would have rather kept it that way but oh well. I went home and took a nap and played lots of video games, and now I am recovering. That is all.


Stupid Dog

My dog tried to get himself killed today.

I was looking for the car key and couldn’t find it, so I was going to go downstairs to see if maybe I had left it on top of the mailbox. So I open the door and Vinz bolts out the door and down the stairs. Usually he comes back inside if I call him but today, nope, yelling at him didn’t work. So I chase him downstairs and almost cornered him but he’s quick. So he’s running around the parking lot and the alley, which is bad enough cause we do get cars through there, then the little bugger runs down to the sidewalk and around the corner. So I follow him then when I almost catch him..


omg. Luckily the light was red so there was only one car that could have hit him, so then I run across and try to get him and he just runs back and forth (luckily down the sidewalk though instead of back and forth across the street). SO then I finally get him when he isn’t looking and carry his butt home and ARGH.

Stupid dog.


36 – Vinz Eats Feet

This topic suggested by my momma who is horribly amused by the fact that my dog eats everything.

So the other day when I came home from vacation, Sonia came over to hang out and pick up her dolly that I had taken with me. We’re hanging out in the bedroom and Vinz is behind me playing with his squeaky toy. After a while, he got bored and went out into the living room. I was about to go get him, but he came back by himself with his little rope. I thought, “Oh awesome, I’m so proud, he’s finally learning what’s ok to chew!” … never think that about a puppy. EVER.

Shortly after, we go out into the living room and find.. DOLL HANDS AND FEET ALL OVER. He had eaten the hands and feet off of 2 of our dolls. Mind you, my doll has a face value of $150+ (hard to say for sure with the customs) and Sonia’s is over $300.

We of course, panic.

The Damage

At the end of the day it’s not a huge deal because the heads and hair were fine, and the bodies only run about $25 each.. BUT STILL! GAH!

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24 – Vinz Talk

Vinz is a silly little puppy.

Right now he is wandering back and forth between the living room and the bedroom because he wants to be with me but the living room is colder. Earlier he pee’d on the carpet :| NOT COOL VINZ.

He’s sick right now I think. He’s been wheezing and coughing and just generally breathing weird. He’s also very lethargic today…he’s been napping more than I have, and he slept all night! It may be time to take him to the vet.

He’s also a spaz. First he loves me, then he bites me, then he snuggles with me, then I can’t find him.

He wouldn’t eat lunch today. I suspect it’s cause he was full from eating my soup and my eggroll when I wasn’t looking.

Sitting Vinz

6 – My Puppy is Weird

Sometime between the last entry and now, I let my dog out of his little crate that he sleeps in (because lord knows if I leave him out, he’ll eat everything and then probably pee on my couch or something) and took him downstairs to go to the bathroom. Now, he’s got that crazed look in his eye and keeps sprinting from the bedroom to the living room and back, dragging his rope toy around and growling at it.

His dig instinct just turned on recently too, so he keeps trying to dig a hole in the bedroom floor.

And, he keeps trying to eat my roommates bowl of soup.

Silly Vinz!