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6 – My Puppy is Weird

Sometime between the last entry and now, I let my dog out of his little crate that he sleeps in (because lord knows if I leave him out, he’ll eat everything and then probably pee on my couch or something) and took him downstairs to go to the bathroom. Now, he’s got that crazed look in his eye and keeps sprinting from the bedroom to the living room and back, dragging his rope toy around and growling at it.

His dig instinct just turned on recently too, so he keeps trying to dig a hole in the bedroom floor.

And, he keeps trying to eat my roommates bowl of soup.

Silly Vinz!


  1. Jono
    Jono Jul 29, 2006

    y helo thar.

    Just thought I’d drop by to say hellloooo!


  2. Yvonne
    Yvonne Jul 29, 2006

    Both my dogs are pretty convinced that they can dig holes in my mattress. I don’t know what they think is in there. Hey, thanks for introducing yourself – I’ll try not to disappoint! Your blogging for Planned Parenthood is very cool – they were my second choice after STAND. Good luck to you as well in reaching your goal!

  3. Lucas
    Lucas Jul 29, 2006

    What kind of dog?

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