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Stupid Dog

My dog tried to get himself killed today.

I was looking for the car key and couldn’t find it, so I was going to go downstairs to see if maybe I had left it on top of the mailbox. So I open the door and Vinz bolts out the door and down the stairs. Usually he comes back inside if I call him but today, nope, yelling at him didn’t work. So I chase him downstairs and almost cornered him but he’s quick. So he’s running around the parking lot and the alley, which is bad enough cause we do get cars through there, then the little bugger runs down to the sidewalk and around the corner. So I follow him then when I almost catch him..


omg. Luckily the light was red so there was only one car that could have hit him, so then I run across and try to get him and he just runs back and forth (luckily down the sidewalk though instead of back and forth across the street). SO then I finally get him when he isn’t looking and carry his butt home and ARGH.

Stupid dog.


  1. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Dec 2, 2006

    Yikes…doggies are escapists like that aren’t they? Glad you caught him safely. :)

  2. Katie's Momma
    Katie's Momma Dec 2, 2006

    :sad: Don’t call my grandpuppy stupid!

    Remember the rule about the “s” word.

  3. Mr. Fabulous
    Mr. Fabulous Dec 3, 2006

    Yeah, listen to you mom.  Who is the one who let him get out? :) :yum:

  4. Katili
    Katili Dec 3, 2006


    I did NOT let him :(

  5. Jules
    Jules Dec 3, 2006

    Aww, you must have been so sad trying to catch him! :(

  6. Zhadi
    Zhadi Dec 5, 2006

    Hi, Katie!  Thanks for stopping by my blog via Mr. Fab and for your good wishes for my cat.  I’ve been away from my Den for the last few weeks, driving back and forth to see Shmoo…but I wanted to visit your blog and say thanks! 

    My dog has a deathwish – she runs out into streets all the time and if I didn’t have her on one of those retractable leashes, she’d be squashed flat.  I don’t know if she doesn’t see hte cars or just doesn’t care…  Glad you got yours back before something bad happened!

  7. maggie
    maggie Dec 5, 2006

    My dog got the stupid wand before he was born to.  He has almost hung himself, not once but twice, with the living room curtains.  Yes.  Just regular shears and he ripped them and choked himself.  Run across the road numerous times for no apparent reason.  but you gotta love him.

  8. Corinne
    Corinne Dec 6, 2006

    That is kind of funny. My dog was actually hit by a car, and she was very timid for about a month after. It was kind of freaky.

  9. Aimée
    Aimée Dec 7, 2006

    Ugh. My dog Lucy is like that. The other one, Coco, isn’t… he just likes to get out and pee, and the second you sound upset with him and go “Coco!” in a mean voice, he stops and looks like “I’m sorry, mom! I didn’t mean to! Honest!”

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