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Moved, Yet Again

Seriously, next time I’m hiring movers. I bribed a friend with pizza and beer and still wound up sore from moving stuff! I hate moving, but I think this is the last time for a while

The new apartment is super cute, and in an awesome location. Pod says he doesn’t think we could have gotten a better place without paying out the nose, and I’m pretty inclined to agree. We’ve got the MAX walking distance on one side, and all kinds of stuff on the other side; Fred Meyer’s, Monteaux’s, IHOP, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Great Clips, and more! Freddy’s has pretty much everything we’d need.

Our couches are totally awesome.. they’re vibrant red without being tooooo bright. Ok, they’re pretty bright, but not Stop Sign Red bright. Our coffee/end table set has cool black bars and black tempered glass.. they’re sleek and shiny and I love them! My new desk sits in the corner and has a whiteboard, though I need a new chair.

We’ve still got some unpacking to do but it feels like home. I can’t wait for it to be all clean and unpacked though! There’s a few sneak peak pictures on my Flickr.


Moving, Updates, and Ink

So, I’m getting ready to move this weekend. I still have a lot of packing to do… I hate packing. I’ve bribed some friends with pizza and beer to help me move my stuff. I’ve bribed another friend with more pizza to help me paint the walls back to the boring off-white color they were when I got there. I’ve secured a killer vacuum cleaner to rescue my rug that my grandma gave me, and will be renting a super steam cleaner to get the carpet back in passable condition so I don’t have to pay to have it replaced. My plan of attack is to finish packing this week, move the stuff on Saturday (and by “move my stuff” i mean “drive the truck and let the boys load/unload”) during the day, unpack the important stuff Saturday night, and paint the walls and clean the carpet Sunday.

I hate moving. I’m kind of excited though. Xoie will have a friend to play with, since my friend that we’re moving in with has a dog, too. I think having more places to go will help calm her down, as well as running and playing more. Pod is going to bring his computer over to my house so that we can get a little more spread of where we spend our time, cause I’m *always* at his house, and I would really like to spend more time at home, but still spend time with him. We haven’t been playing EQ a whole lot, cause we’ve been playing a lot of Left 4 Dead, which is totally awesome. If you’re on Steam, add me as your friend. lifelessmind. I’d link to my profile but I can’t find the URL while I’m at work cause anything fun is surfblocked.

I had to take back the super sweet 3.16 dual core processor I bought. Turns out my motherboard only supports 65nm processors. So I already bought a new power supply, and got a video card sent to me, and if I bought a new motherboard to go with my new processor I’d need new RAM cause mine is slow, and I’d need a case, and at that point I built a whole new computer and that just wasn’t in my budget :( I did pick up a 2.2 dual core, which is the best 65nm I can still find at this point.. which, yea, is still better than the 1.8 I had in there, but not NEARLY as exciting as the E8600. Cest la vie. I’m excited for my new video card. Shawn says the video card will do me more good than the processor anyway, so the combination of the two is pretty good I’d say.

I’ve also been doing a lot of designing/coding lately. I’ve started (and scrapped) a good 4 or 5 layouts for this site already. I’ve got the main page (mostly) coded for the one I think I’ll be keeping.  I’m also starting a new project. Domain has been bought… but I’ve also scrapped 2 or 3 layouts for that one. I don’t want to get too much into specifics until the site is up, but it was inspired by this random freak-out I had over the weekend. While Kat Scratch Fever mostly is about the NOW of my life, this new project will give a little more insight about my past. I’ll let you know when it’s up and running.

Oh, and I got a new tattoo. I suppose technically it’s 2 tattoos (that technicality meant I had to fill out the paperwork twice! that, and I split it up into two sessions cause we ran out of time the first day). I just got the second one last night and it’s crazy swollen and red still. The left one hurt more than the right one. Probably because I’m right handed so the muscles in my right arm are stronger and more used to abuse. Anyway I don’t have pictures of both of them together yet, but they look the same, just mirror images. Pictures on my Flickr. Go look, leave comments!

That’s all for now.

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The Moving Chronicles

Have I mentioned lately that I hate moving? Well. I do. I’d probably be dead now if it wasn’t for my little legion of friends though. Thanks guys <3

Thursday a couple friends moved my desk for me.. that thing is massive and it was quite an endeavor. I supervised. And the desk just *barely* fit in the little nook that I wanted it in. It’s pretty impressive actually. Also moved a few small boxes. Then I went to another friends house to watch TV and wound up drinking way too much and then Friday sucked. Oops.

Friday we moved all the rest of my stuff (garbage bags FTW!!) and were planning on having a Packing Party (read: throw stuff in bags while drinking beer) but we left the beer at the wrong house. So after we were done moving we had 2 beers and played like, half an hour of video game, then passed out from sheer exhaustion. Yay.

Saturday I went back to the old apartment with Tom cause we had to clean the carpet and counters and stuff, and sign over the lease. Tom was rude to me on the phone but when I got there he looked really sheepish and apologized for being rude, so all was well. It was a little bittersweet to look at the empty apartment … much as I am pretty close to over the whole thing it’s still a little sad to look at the utter finality of it. Signing the lease over made everything so official *sigh* Soooo I was a little down most of Saturday. I spent the whole day over at a friends house with Xoie playing with a few other puppies and sitting in front of a fire pit and trying not to dwell. The day was really unproductive but I think I really needed it. I felt a lot better.

So yesterday I went to IKEA and bought a mirror and a shelf and an armchair, and a new bed set, and a really cute little red dot rug. Oh and a light fixture, my buddy Marcus is supposed to come put it up for me sometime this week. I need to go get Xoie a doggy bed. She took over my armchair haha. Then I unpacked some stuff and went to sleep early.

Today I think I will go cash my check (it’s pretty much all accounted for, bleh) and make some dinner and get back to unpacking. I can’t wait for my room to be all done so that I just don’t have to think about moving any more.