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Moved, Yet Again

Seriously, next time I’m hiring movers. I bribed a friend with pizza and beer and still wound up sore from moving stuff! I hate moving, but I think this is the last time for a while

The new apartment is super cute, and in an awesome location. Pod says he doesn’t think we could have gotten a better place without paying out the nose, and I’m pretty inclined to agree. We’ve got the MAX walking distance on one side, and all kinds of stuff on the other side; Fred Meyer’s, Monteaux’s, IHOP, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Great Clips, and more! Freddy’s has pretty much everything we’d need.

Our couches are totally awesome.. they’re vibrant red without being tooooo bright. Ok, they’re pretty bright, but not Stop Sign Red bright. Our coffee/end table set has cool black bars and black tempered glass.. they’re sleek and shiny and I love them! My new desk sits in the corner and has a whiteboard, though I need a new chair.

We’ve still got some unpacking to do but it feels like home. I can’t wait for it to be all clean and unpacked though! There’s a few sneak peak pictures on my Flickr.


  1. Melissa
    Melissa Jun 24, 2009

    Glad to hear you like your new place, your new furniture looks great. I especially like those end tables, very nice!

  2. Eileen Gray
    Eileen Gray Jun 29, 2009

    it’s hard to move really. lol. but its for the better so now that it’s finished just enjoy. gonna send your link.

  3. Amelie Rencontres
    Amelie Rencontres Jul 2, 2009

    Same thing happened to me month ago and now I have new apartment. My neighbours are awesome and the place too. I really now how you feel now. It’s the same for me honey. Enjoy your new home and be happy :)

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