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The Moving Chronicles

Have I mentioned lately that I hate moving? Well. I do. I’d probably be dead now if it wasn’t for my little legion of friends though. Thanks guys <3

Thursday a couple friends moved my desk for me.. that thing is massive and it was quite an endeavor. I supervised. And the desk just *barely* fit in the little nook that I wanted it in. It’s pretty impressive actually. Also moved a few small boxes. Then I went to another friends house to watch TV and wound up drinking way too much and then Friday sucked. Oops.

Friday we moved all the rest of my stuff (garbage bags FTW!!) and were planning on having a Packing Party (read: throw stuff in bags while drinking beer) but we left the beer at the wrong house. So after we were done moving we had 2 beers and played like, half an hour of video game, then passed out from sheer exhaustion. Yay.

Saturday I went back to the old apartment with Tom cause we had to clean the carpet and counters and stuff, and sign over the lease. Tom was rude to me on the phone but when I got there he looked really sheepish and apologized for being rude, so all was well. It was a little bittersweet to look at the empty apartment … much as I am pretty close to over the whole thing it’s still a little sad to look at the utter finality of it. Signing the lease over made everything so official *sigh* Soooo I was a little down most of Saturday. I spent the whole day over at a friends house with Xoie playing with a few other puppies and sitting in front of a fire pit and trying not to dwell. The day was really unproductive but I think I really needed it. I felt a lot better.

So yesterday I went to IKEA and bought a mirror and a shelf and an armchair, and a new bed set, and a really cute little red dot rug. Oh and a light fixture, my buddy Marcus is supposed to come put it up for me sometime this week. I need to go get Xoie a doggy bed. She took over my armchair haha. Then I unpacked some stuff and went to sleep early.

Today I think I will go cash my check (it’s pretty much all accounted for, bleh) and make some dinner and get back to unpacking. I can’t wait for my room to be all done so that I just don’t have to think about moving any more.


  1. Jules
    Jules Apr 28, 2008

    Yeah moving isn’t really fun. I was surprised at how much stuff I had in the house in New Mexico… I had movers actually move my stuff, but even packing and unpacking sucked. I can’t even imagine having to move out of this house, I have it like, fully furnished now and *everything* here is mine now.

    But hey, at least you have a pack of minions :)

  2. cybrpunk
    cybrpunk Apr 28, 2008

    I can’t imagine moving without friends.  Even with movers, there’s just too much to do.  I do not look forward to that again….

  3. Colin B.
    Colin B. Apr 28, 2008

    I think you should dedicate all your time to unpacking and putting everything in place so it gets done as soon as possible. Then you can seriously enjoy the new place. Take it from me. I didn’t unpack everything straight away and I’m sure that even after almost 3 years in this place I still have things that are not unpacked yet hidden under the bed or in the closet.

  4. yoshi
    yoshi Apr 30, 2008

    Moving sucks. if you don’t unpack now, you’ll never unpack lol. I think tiggerprr has boxes they haven’t unpacked. and they moved like 5 years ago lol the boxes are just eyesores. or that could have been their old place. hehe

  5. Lene
    Lene May 1, 2008

    The whole process of moving is so stressful! Lucky you, who had a legion of helping friends :D

    It’s nice when you are already all moved in (and things are unpacked) and you can just sit back and say “it’s done”!

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