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I Hate Hold Music

You know you have a beautifully complex phone when you’re sitting on hold for tech support less than 24 hours after receiving the thing. I rock.

They better not tell me RTFM.

My MMS option is nowhere to be found, and I don’t have the options that I need to add people to my Blackberry Messenger Contacts, and uhm, I have a little note on the top of my phone that says “Data Connection Refused”.

Ok. So apparently I can’t send photo messages (or use the IM’s) without paying the extra $20/mo for the blackberry features. I love how nobody bothered to tell me that. On my old phone, IM’s and SMS and MMS messages were all part of my basic text message plan. And I have to keep my $10 text messaging package if I don’t want to be charged 25 cents each. How nice. *le sigh* But I suppose I can’t have such a nice phone without running all the available options. I’m gonna go to the poor house for my toys. I’m gonna have to put ads on the moblog and start a donation drive. KEEP KSF ONLINE!

I’m only slightly annoyed, cause I was eventually planning on getting those features.. but not yet! Maybe I should cancel my internets at home.


  1. suki
    suki Oct 24, 2006

    that’s why i always opt for a simpler phone!!  it’s never all-inclusive, sadly.

  2. Katili
    Katili Oct 24, 2006

    Ah yes, but this one is so much fun! :D

  3. Jules
    Jules Oct 24, 2006

    *click click click*

    Haha, your cellphone bill is way bigger than mine :love:

  4. Aimée
    Aimée Oct 25, 2006

    What’s weird is that they told me that about my phone, but I was refreshingly surprised that that wasn’t the case! Maybe they’re big fat liars and they won’t charge you extra…? Maybe? Or maybe I’m just an optimist.

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