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Tag: Blogathon 2006

9 – The Sonia is On the Way!

Huzzah! Sonia says she is coming now :D

Sonia is awesome. I met her at Art School. Our very first day in our very first class we were lamenting the fact that we hadn’t gotten all the supplies everybody else had gotten in our student kit. Then we went to starbucks/subway for lunch and we’ve been awesome friends ever since, and we’ve had tons of weird adventures, and have been stalked by Karmimi ^_^

Sonia is participating in the ‘thon too, you can catch her over at Sonia Says.

Tell me about your best friend(s)!


8 – Random Factoid #1

Tuna is the only fish I can eat. I like it in sandwiches, I like it in melts, I like it in casserole. I can’t eat it as just fish though. And I also can’t eat any other fish. My tummy says no.

But I can do shrimp and lobster and crab!

Do you eat fish?

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7 – I Can Count!

I can’t think of anything to post this update, rawr!

I don’t know how long the counting is going to last.

I just remembered to put catagories for all my posts. So I had to edit the first 6.

Since I posted about food, I still have not eaten. I don’t feel like cereal and now there’s no soup cause Vinz ate it all.

And 15 minute naps don’t add up to a full nights sleep which I missed last night…

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6 – My Puppy is Weird

Sometime between the last entry and now, I let my dog out of his little crate that he sleeps in (because lord knows if I leave him out, he’ll eat everything and then probably pee on my couch or something) and took him downstairs to go to the bathroom. Now, he’s got that crazed look in his eye and keeps sprinting from the bedroom to the living room and back, dragging his rope toy around and growling at it.

His dig instinct just turned on recently too, so he keeps trying to dig a hole in the bedroom floor.

And, he keeps trying to eat my roommates bowl of soup.

Silly Vinz!


5 – Breakfast

I was thinking I might feel better if I got something to eat.

My option appear to be pancakes and ceral. I’m going to go with the cereal if for no other reason than pancakes take TIME.

So tell me, what are your favorite breakfast foods?