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9 – The Sonia is On the Way!

Huzzah! Sonia says she is coming now :D

Sonia is awesome. I met her at Art School. Our very first day in our very first class we were lamenting the fact that we hadn’t gotten all the supplies everybody else had gotten in our student kit. Then we went to starbucks/subway for lunch and we’ve been awesome friends ever since, and we’ve had tons of weird adventures, and have been stalked by Karmimi ^_^

Sonia is participating in the ‘thon too, you can catch her over at Sonia Says.

Tell me about your best friend(s)!


  1. Cricket
    Cricket Jul 29, 2006

    I made it here! I switched to FF for tabbed browing on some stuff and now the comments work! YAYAY!

  2. Katili
    Katili Jul 29, 2006

    Yay! I really don’t know why comments wouldn’t work before but at least now it is working :D

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