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Category: Randumbness

If I Had A Million Dollars

I’d be rich! I’d get it all in $1 bills and fill a swimming pool with it. They’d have to be fresh minted dollar bills, though, otherwise I’d probably die from all the germs, and that would suck.

But really. What would I do? First, I’d pay off all my debts, and my boyfriend’s debts. Then, I’d buy an awesome house, and a pony. I’d probably still have enough to buy my mom a loft in Seattle like she wants, so I’d do that too.

If I had enough change left, I’d buy one of my friends to be my Player 2. Somebody has to play video games with me!

What would YOU do?


English (US) to English (UK) Translation Failure

Or: “Open mouth, insert foot”. This is probably only funny if you Speak British™, and I’m not explaining it if you don’t get it, cause then it’s not funny!

On Saturday, I was wandering around Oxford with my coworker Simon, who was semi-showing me around (every other thing he said was “Oh, I didn’t know that was there!”). I was commenting on how much better my photos would be if I didn’t have to take them from below. This is the resulting conversation:

Me: “Hmm. It would be awesome if I could levitate!”
Simon: “Yes, that would work quite well.”
Me: *looks down at skirt* “Though, I suppose if I could levitate, I’d have to wear pants more often.”
Simon: “….. o_O”

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Gas Stations

Or: Why I Can’t Take Jeffry Anywhere

So, Oregon has this state law that says we’re not allowed to pump our own gas, because apparently if we do, we will set ourselves on fire.

Today, Jeffry and I went up to Vancouver, WA to visit a friend of the family and some of my relatives that were in the area for a wedding. The gas light came on shortly after we left their house to come back home, so we stopped at a gas station. Two seconds later, he goes ,

“Awwwww crap.”
“What’s wrong dear?”
“It’s self serve!”
“… and?”
“… you seriously don’t know how to pump gas?!”

Ladies and gentlemen, my boyfriend doesn’t know how to pump gas.

So I got out and did it and proceeded to laugh at him for the next hour. Heehee


Hello Visitors from Jodifur!

Hello to everybody stopping by today from the post about my super cute skull high heels that are posted for Shoe Friday 13 at Jodifer! Please make yourself comfortable, have a look around, and I hope some of you come back again later

For anybody that is curious about where the shoes came from… I have no idea actually, they were a gift. I love them very much. For the record though, I can’t walk in them very well because I am a klutz. I try anyway. I have not broken my ankle yet in them :D

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