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Los Angeles, I Hate Thee!

So on Wednesday the 17th, I got on an airplane to Los Angeles for a trip to visit my family.

I got in late Wednesday and then went to sleep. Thursday I did stuff that I have already forgotten about, mostly. I did stuff during the day then went out to dinner with a friend and my mom and my brother at Gardens of Taxco (yum. mega yum!) After dinner I went to my friend Alex’s house and had way more booze than I needed to with him and the kid I went to homecoming with my freshman year of high school and one of their other friends, then we decided to play Rock Band at 3 in the morning. It was great fun until I had to wake up on Friday and was all hung over.

So Friday I did lunch with my old work peeps (but could not eat cause I was hung over) and hung out with them for a while, then took a nap, then went to dinner with Hilary and Sonia Thom and Amber, which was great fun.

Saturday I… did…. stuff? Oh yeah, my family was over for the Christmas shindig and almost all of the family showed up. It was awesome. I love my family :D Then I found a yarn store and made a pair of fingerless mittens.

So, here’s the great part. Sunday I got all packed up and ready to go home and got a notice that said my flight was canceled. I was less than thrilled, sigh. So I went to the airport to find out when I could go home (cause nobody was answering the phones) and they couldn’t get me on a flight for 4 days. So my trip got doubles.

I’ve been just chilling around town with some people and killing time cause I’m stranded in LA. Supposedly I am supposed to be able to go home tomorrow.. I have to be at LAX at 5 in the morning, which sucks. I hate LAX. Burbank airport is WAAAAAY better. But if my flight actually gets out, I get to fly first class :D For no extra charge (besides being trapped in LA for an extra 3 and a half days and losing wages cause I don’t have that much vacation time [no worries, my uncle has my back on the lost wages]) even! Yay first class.

So cross your fingers that my flight gets out tomorrow. I love my family but I’ve had enough of Los Angeles and I want to go home now.


  1. yoshi
    yoshi Dec 25, 2008

    wow flying first class rocks! i loved it when i flew the one time lol. it’s tough to go back to coach after flying first class hehe.

    and happy holidays, although it doesn’t sound like a happy time stranded in la!

  2. Jules
    Jules Dec 27, 2008

    Well, it sucks that you were stranded when you were ready to go home, but yay first class! And I’m sure your family was happy to have you that much longer :)

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